In Order to Get Veneers, How Much Enamel Is Removed?

More people than ever are seeking cosmetic dentistry in hopes of achieving their best smile, and one standout procedure that many appreciate and seek after is veneers. Patients have flocked to them because of their exceptional longevity and the astounding effectiveness they provide. However, veneers will not be effective unless a tiny bit of enamel is shaved off first. In order to make an informed decision about getting veneers and significantly improving your smile, here is further information about why this enamel removal is important and how much is usually removed by a dentist from cosmetic & family dentistry Novi, MI.

How Much Enamel Reduction Is Necessary?

The fact that your veneers will require the removal of some enamel may sound unsettling at first. Enamel is what protects your teeth from decay, and it does not grow back on its own. Remember, though, that your dentist will take great care to remove only the minimum amount of tooth structure that is necessary before placing your veneers. Typically, this amount is less than 1 millimeter, which is far less than the thickness of your fingernail and will not cause any significant damage to the integrity of your teeth.

Exactly Why is this Elimination Required?

Not only is enamel removal not unnecessary, but it is also essential to your veneers’ long-term health. If veneers of the same color were simply glued onto your teeth without any modification to the enamel, the result would be an unnatural and unattractive appearance. Because veneers are a cosmetic service designed to make your smile look better, it would not make much sense for the result to be artificial.

Additionally, removing this enamel can establish a tighter bond between the veneers and the tooth’s structure, making your solution far less vulnerable to disruption. After the enamel is removed, the patient may be given temporary veneers to “test drive” before the final ones are put in; these veneers will also function to safeguard the teeth.

Removing some enamel to make room for veneers is, in the big picture, a tiny price to pay for a lifetime of beautiful teeth. If you are on the fence about getting veneers because of the discomfort associated with having enamel removed, know that you have nothing to worry about because they will vastly improve the appearance and function of your smile and mouth.

Speak to a dentist! 

If you are about to get veneers, make sure to ask your dentist all your doubts and queries. Your dentist will assist you properly.

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