Top 5 Picks of Easy to Wear Slides for Ladies

Top 5 Picks of Easy to Wear Slides for Ladies

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It will sound weird, but slide sandal is the only one you need in springs. Just think about having a nice pair of slide sandals and you can wear it everywhere like relaxing along poolside, going out at weekend and on workdays also. On top, it can easily go with anything and we truly mean anything like jeans, skirt, floral dress, joggers whatever you want to wear it with.  Weather is already very warm, so, investing in nice pair of slides will be beneficial. Slides are perfectly made for an effortless look like you can wear it easily. Combination of slides with any floral dress is match made in heaven and it is perfect for beach look. There are so many options in choosing slides like sleek sandals to affordable and funky ones. Buying a designer slide sandal in affordable price is not difficult anymore because we give you Ontime code available at to have your favorite slides at discounted price. Here are few of our top picks for you.

Sarto Slide Sandals:

If you want to give modern look then these slides are made for you. Leather always gives a sophisticated and sleek look. Either you are going for workplace or for pool side, these slides will work everywhere. Its cushion foot bed makes it very comfortable and relaxing. If you want to slay the look, you should wear it with puff sleeve outfit to give flirty look.

Madewell Slide Sandals:

These are well known as best slides of leather. When your feet slip out of slide, it’s very uncomfortable and worse, but thank God there is no such issue with these ones. A hidden strap provides some extra comfort and support to feet. It’s a blessing that its leather softens according to feet and it is available in other colors too.

Sam Slide Sandal:

These are perfect double strapped sandals. These sandals are mix and match of comfort and trend because of its double straps & cushioned foot-bed. They come in multiple fun prints and colors. If I’ll be at your place, I will buy one or two. You can also think about two by saving your money using ontime code available at which offers you discount.

SEYCHELLES Slide Sandals:

These are normally featured sandals. They are slightly up in rank from your average slides because of its unique knot styles. It has small heel which makes it really good walking slides. They are comfy, cute and easy to wear. Style these slides with you jumpsuit or jeans and they will be the star of look. You’ll feel blessed to have these for sure.

Dolce Vita Sandals:

Studded slides can be called as star of slides. They have slim straps with punchy studs. These slides offer edgy and unique appeal that normal slides can never appeal. This will be the easiest designed outfit if you wear these slides with gold hoops and a t-shirt. I am sure you want to buy this after all this and you can have it on discounted price by using ontime code available at

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