Hollywood Vanity Mirror: How To Make A Vanity Mirror That Looks Like Hollywood’s Stage

Hollywood Vanity Mirror: How To Make A Vanity Mirror That Looks Like Hollywood’s Stage

Everyone knows that your car should look good, and not just look good, but also feel good. It should have the latest and greatest technology and look good doing it. Unfortunately, our current obsession with interior design is making it harder and harder for us to have our cars look good for nothing more than cosmetic purposes. 

That’s why you’re so excited about the rise of vanity mirrors. Vanity mirrors aren’t just for show-offs. They’re so good for your car, that many of them look like they it ware inspired by Hollywood’s famed stage sets.

What Is A Vanity Mirror?

A vanity mirror is a decorative item that you place in the backseat of your car. The idea is that you fool your friends and family into thinking you have a more impressive car when in reality, you just have a boring car. You can find many types of vanity mirrors. Some are traditional and straightforward, while others feature fancy lights and ornate designs.

Make Your Mirrors Look Like Stage Sets

To create the look of a Hollywood stage set, you’ll need to look inside your car and see what materials are available. If the car isn’t already painted, you can use the existing paint to create a more realistic stage look. If your car has a metallic finish, you can use that to add a more Hollywood flair to the mirror.

Use Actors As Stunts By Mirroring Their Action

If you’ve seen any Broadway shows, you know that stage actor were always used as stunt doubles for film actors. This is how hollywood vanity mirror has borrowed, and adapted, to create some amazing stage effects.It absolutely was impressed by the characters from Desperate Housewives. The mirror features a green screen overlay that minimizes the actual actors so that the audience can see them from behind the mirror.

Add A Textural Strain To Create A More Realistic Set Look

If you have a bland car interior, or you just want to add some color and life to the space, try adding a textural strain to the mirror. This can be achieved by using fabrics, woods, and other materials that have a natural variation in color, texture, and shine that can be used to create the look you want. For instance, you can use a fabric with a subtle weave to look like sandpaper surface.

The light scattering found in stage sets is what inspired the design of most vanity mirrors. Scattered lights are perfect for making the mirror seem more like a stage set, and for fooling your friends and family into thinking your car looks classy when it’s just a boring car.

Turn Your Mirrors Into A Full-On Stage With Lighting

The best way to make your mirrors sparkle like stars, and cast light like the sun, is to use lights. It’s not a very difficult task, and once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll seem like second nature. To create a truly immersive stage effect, you’ll need lights that cover the mirror, and lights positioned so that the light from the mirror falls on the floor in front of the stage. 

These lights will create a very realistic impression of being on stage, including the spotlight that falls on you when you’re on stage, and the stage lights that illuminate the audience when they’re watching you from the audience seating area.

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