Strategies Weight Loss Specialists Use to Manage Weight

Strategies Weight Loss Specialists Use to Manage Weight

Weight loss specialists focus on treating obese or overweight people. These medical professionals may include bariatric healthcare providers or bariatric surgeons. Being overweight or obese can increase the risks of having health problems like diabetes, heart conditions, and sleep apnea. Your Vienna, VA weight loss specialist can help you reduce weight and keep off weight, improving your overall health. A general healthcare provider can offer weight loss treatment, but weight loss specialists often have special training after medical school. There are many strategies that your weight loss specialist can recommend to help reduce weight, and here are some.

Healthy eating and regular physical activity

Following a healthy eating plan is the first strategy your weight loss specialist will recommend to help treat overweight or obesity. You can combine a healthy diet with regular physical activities. Being active may help you use calories and maintain a healthy weight. Swimming, jogging, running, and bicycle riding are common exercises that can help reduce weight.


Your doctor may recommend weight loss medications to help you lose weight. These medications may be beneficial if healthy eating and physical activity are insufficient. Ensure you stick to a healthy diet and regular physical exercise while taking weight loss drugs. Talk to your doctor if you are taking herbal remedies or dietary supplements to help lose weight. Some supplements may have severe side effects or may not be concurrent with drugs prescribed by your specialist.

Special diets

There are various special diets that can help reduce weight, including:

Calorie-restricted diets

Your doctor may suggest a lower-calorie diet depending on your body weight and physical activity level. A lower-calorie diet with various healthy foods will give you the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting helps reduce your food intake. It involves fasting voluntarily and non-fasting for a certain period. No research proves this weight-loss management has long-term effects.

Weight loss devices

Your specialist may suggest weight-loss devices if you keep gaining back weight or other treatments are ineffective. The common weight loss devices include:

Electrical stimulation system

An electrical stimulation system involves your provider placing a device in your abdomen through laparoscopic surgery. This device blocks nerve activity between your stomach and brain.

Gastric balloon system

The gastric balloon system involves your doctor placing a balloon or two in your stomach through a tube from your mouth. Once the balloons are in your stomach, your provider will fill them with salt water to take up a bigger space, helping you feel fuller.

Gastric emptying system

A gastric emptying system drains part of the food from your stomach through a pump. The treatment involves a tube that goes from the inside of the stomach to the outside of the abdomen. You use the pump after about twenty to thirty minutes of eating to drain food from your stomach through the tube into the toilet. 

Weight loss specialists focus on treating obese or overweight people. Depending on your unique needs, your doctor may recommend medications, a healthy diet plan, weight loss devices, or special diets to help you lose weight. Schedule an appointment at Nova Physician Wellness Center for weight loss management from qualified and experienced specialists.

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