Outstanding Benefits of Having Expanders

Outstanding Benefits of Having Expanders

It is a desire for every individual to have an outstanding dental appearance. Different people engage in processes that will guarantee this smile. However, other dental conditions are hard to treat naturally. For instance, some people have a narrow upper jaw. This condition makes them suffer from misaligned teeth and malocclusion. Most people use palatal expanders to correct this condition since they create a space to align the jaw and the upper teeth. In recent years, there has been an increase in people choosing expanders Leander. The following are the benefits of having expanders.

No Surgery

Surgery is one of the most feared treatments among most patients. The main reason is they fear that the surgery will be extremely painful and that they will live for a long before they recover. The expanders are beneficial since they save you from the pain and worries of receiving the surgery treatment. Besides, it is an early intervention that will save the individual from the risk of surgery. For instance, the palatal expanders help most children because their jaws and mouths are developing yet not forming, correcting the problem early.

It Improves Breathing

When you have a narrow upper jaw, you could have restricted nasal airflow, which could interfere with your breathing. You will likely suffer from dry mouth, snoring, sleep apnea, and mouth breathing. An individual can recover from this condition by having rapid maxillary expansion boosting the nasal airflow. You should take the child to the orthodontist if they have mouth breathing, dry mouth, sleep apnea, and snoring. The specialist will establish whether these symptoms result from spacing issues in their mouth.

It Corrects Dental Issues

The palatal expanders help to solve a series of dental problems. For instance, they help to solve misaligned bite and crowding problems by adding extra space into the individual’s mouth. This process helps the individual’s teeth to grow in unique spaces. If you have misaligned bites and crowding, palatal expanders are the right choice.


One challenge of some dental treatments is they cannot be carried out with other treatments. However, palate expanders are compatible with other orthodontic treatments. For instance, the specialist can use them together with braces. Using them together with the other treatments helps the person to reduce the time and the cost incurred during the treatment. Moreover, rather than bracing, the expanders help the teeth be aligned easily since there is extra space available.

Exceptional Smile

In addition to correcting problems, most people want a great smile. When your upper jaw is narrow, it affects your smile. The expanders affect the fit of the individual’s upper and lower back teeth. The person will achieve a wider upper jaw that matches the lower jaw achieving a perfect smile.

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