How Collaborative Divorce Can Save Your Time And Money

How Collaborative Divorce Can Save Your Time And Money

When you get married, you never imagine that the person who makes you so happy will become the reason for your unhappiness one day. Thousands of divorces happen every week for many reasons, and the process can be messy. However, it can be made a little less complex if you and your ex-spouse are willing to cooperate. 

Litigated divorces are one of the most expensive and time-consuming divorces there are. On the other hand, a collaborative divorce is pocket-friendly, and stress is way less than a contested divorce. You can consult with a Sandy domestic violence lawyer to know more about the process. 

What is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is one where the parties can sit with their attorneys and craft a plan to resolve the issues, identify the needs and find each others’ best interests. It is a process where the court and the judge have zero involvement, so you and your spouse have more control over the situation. The assistance of attorneys helps you understand the process and whether the decisions you make will benefit or cost you. 

In simple words, collaborative divorce is a separation process in Sandy without the hassles and tension usually associated with the traditional form of divorce. You can work towards resolving your own issues, so there are no court dates, no court proceedings, and no judge. 

What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce?

The benefits of a collaborative divorce are abundant. Since it does not involve seeing the courtroom, you already escape a lot of hassles. But, there is more. 

  • It can save you a lot of money required in completing court legal procedures.
  • You can save your relationship from turning hostile for the sake of your children.
  • There is maximum flexibility to set up the meeting at your convenience.
  • Since there is no involvement of a judge, you have more control over the outcome of the process. 
  • You get to maintain privacy and confidentiality, which courtrooms cannot give you.
  • You can develop a solution and finalize your divorce much faster in a collaborative divorce. 

Are there any drawbacks?

The only time there may be a problem in a collaborative divorce is when one of the parties does not uphold the spirit of the process. The primary goal of the process is to resolve things without going to court and creating a hostile situation. If one of the parties does not adhere to this aim, the entire process will be wasteful, and there won’t be any difference between a collaborative and a litigated divorce. 

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