Some Queries By The Victim Regarding Car Accident and Injury

Some Queries By The Victim Regarding Car Accident and Injury

Car accidents are always unwelcomed because they can be devastating and draining to a great extent. These incidents are not something that happens on a daily basis. However, it can be a learning experience for the victim and his family members. First, you should contact a car accident lawyer in Queens if you have any questions regarding injuries, claims and lawsuits. He will be able to answer all your queries by keeping in mind the personal injury laws of the state, you live in. Some of these queries are mentioned below:

Can both parties be liable for the accident?

Yes, you may share the liability with another party if you both were responsible for the accident. the adjuster from the insurance company will decide how much liability is assigned to each party depending on the state’s personal laws.

What types of injuries qualify for car accident claims?

It is important to learn whether your injuries qualify for claims. Some examples of these injuries are fractures, spine and back injuries, brain and disability. You can also contact your lawyer to verify that your injuries meet the criteria for car accident claims.

What will be included in the police report?

Many people don’t want to call the police after the accident because they believe that police will hold them responsible for the accident and include it in the report. In this report, the details of the accident along with who was driving the car and who hit the car would be mentioned. Any of the parties can challenge this report and appeal in court. However, supporting facts have to be attached along with documents.

If it is not your fault?

It has been observed that the insurance company might trick you and try to obtain statements that can conflict with your own wordings. They try to do so because they want to refuse your claim or lower it. They are known for not paying enough compensation to the injured person. That’s why, it is strongly recommended not to accept anything unless your attorney has arrived. If you are not at fault and received injuries, you are entitled to receive compensation.

The role of a lawyer

A cat accident lawyer will do everything on your behalf such as evaluation, negotiation, filing and attending hearings. He can reduce your work while you only focus on your recovery. 

Hiring the best lawyer in town can save you from a lot of hassles and worries. 

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