What Is The Rollover In Online Betting Bonuses

What Is The Rollover In Online Betting Bonuses

Whether you are new to the world of sports betting or if you have an open account in several houses, the question of the rollover will appear sooner or later among the issues you should consider.

In this article, we will explain what the concept of rollover means when it appears in the world of sports betting and what you should know when negotiating this modality with your usual home.

The question about what is the rollover appears as soon as we open an account with a large sports bookmaker, and surely that is the time to take advantage of the welcome free bets offered by them.

This is the moment when the bookmaker presents its conditions and requirements to the newcomer, and when he must begin to wonder, what is rollover all about? For some unknown reason, many do not take the necessary time to explain this concept to the player clearly.

What Is Rollover?

Understanding the concept of rollover is not difficult at all. In simple terms, the rollover is a requirement imposed by the online betting house. It is associated with the offer of betting bonuses.

It simply shows the necessary amount of bets that the player must place before being able to withdraw the money obtained with the welcome bonus. Let’s look at some examples that will make the idea behind the welcome bonus and the rollover more understandable.

Let’s say an online betting house is offering a $ 100 bonus when the bettor deposits $ 100 into his betting account.

The terms and conditions require that, before proceeding to withdraw the bonus, the bettor must place a series of five bets for the value of the rollover bonus plus five times the amount entered. Therefore, in this example invented for the occasion, the bettor will not be able to withdraw his welcome bonus until he has made a bet for a total value of 1,000 dollars.

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