What Are The Main Causes Of Ankle Pain?

What Are The Main Causes Of Ankle Pain?

The ankle is the joint that connects the legs and feet. It is a stable structure of three bones with ligaments and tendons that maintain its stability. Its function is to receive and distribute to the feet all the weight load that comes from the body. Because of this, this joint is very prone to overload and stress. These conditions manifest in pain, discomfort, and even injuries. This becomes more serious when the individual has an illness or problem that makes the ankles weaker and more sensitive. Read here for more detail (ดูรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม which is the term in thai)

The pain in this region may not be too serious, but it may also indicate a condition that requires more attention. Some of its causes are:

Tread Problems

How a person holds their foot on the floor (stomps) can trigger ankle pain. This is because there are three different types of footfalls, namely:

supinated: when the concentration of body weight is greater on the inside of the feet;

pronated: when the concentration of weight is greater on the outside of the feet;

neutral: weight is evenly distributed over the feet.

In the case of supinated and pronated strides, the way the feet touch the ground ends up forcing the ankle joint inwards or outwards. This improper position causes pain in the region and, over time, leads to injuries to this and other joints.


An ankle sprain is a very common ligament injury, which happens when there is an abnormal joint movement in this region, the famous “bend the foot.” This improper position strains the various ligaments that help stabilize the joint. Sprains vary in severity and are classified into three degrees according to the damage done to the ligaments. Are they:

grade 1 sprain: micro-tissue injuries occur;

grade 2 sprain: a partial tear of the ligament occurs;

Grade 3 sprain: This tear is total, tearing the tissue.

In all cases, joint rehabilitation is essential to avoid future instability.

Illness and inflammation

Some diseases and inflammation also affect this joint promoting ankle pain. Among them, can mention the most common ones that are:

tendinitis: inflammation that manifests when one of the tendons is damaged, usually due to repetitive movements or excessive effort;

gout: rheumatic disease classified as a chronic condition that causes severe inflammation in the joints;

arthritis: inflammation that affects one or more joints in the body, causing painful sensations and stiffness, tends to worsen with age;

osteoarthritis: a degenerative problem that affects the flexible tissues at the bones’ ends. It wears out, the bones get thicker and rub together;

rheumatoid arthritis: systemic inflammation of the joints that causes them to wear out, causing pain that manifests itself mainly in the morning or after a long period of rest;

bursitis: Inflammation that affects the bursae, which are pockets of fluid that protect the body’s joints.

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