Ways To Get Yourself And Others Involved In aa rochester

Ways To Get Yourself And Others Involved In aa rochester

When you first start attending Alcoholics Anonymous, it can be easy to feel like everyone else knows what they’re going through and that no one else feels broken or lost the way you do. Weekly meetings offer the opportunity to get outside of your routine and meet people who understand the struggle you’re going through.

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a clinical program where insights are dispensed in stages and new members are encouraged to take their time before committing to a complete overhaul of their life. It’s also not so much a club as it is a self-help group where everyone shares their ups, downs, and successes as they work together toward their common goal of staying sober.

Talk About What Hurts Most

AA members have been through too much to have any shame or stigma about sharing what they’re going through. It’s never a bad idea to open up with a friend or a sponsor about what makes you feel the saddest or lonely. It may be something as simple as a particular type of music that reminds you of a past relationship. It could be something more specific, like your favorite restaurant that closed down or a memory that you’d prefer to forget. Sharing what hurts the most can help you to feel less alone and can also help others to understand you better.

Take Part In The Fellowship Activities

AA meetings are often social events where people stay active by sharing experiences, offering advice, and supporting one another. Group discussions and sharing your story with a group can offer a safe place to talk about anything you’d like and can also help you to process your emotions. aa Rochester meetings are also commonly filled with fellowship activities. These activities are often designed to bring people together and are an important part of keeping people feeling connected in the program.

Some examples of popular fellowship activities include beer/wine tastings, concerts, art shows, and games like golf and chess. Each meeting is different and you may find that certain activities are more popular than others. It’s important to find a meeting that has activities that feel welcoming and supportive.

Get Help For Your Triggers And Compulsions

AA members often find that one of the most helpful parts of recovering from alcoholism is learning how to manage their triggers and compulsions. A trigger is anything that reminds you of how much you used to drink or how much you used to crave alcohol. A compulsion is a repetitive action that you don’t want to do, like going to a particular place or repeatedly thinking about drinking alcohol.

If you’re struggling with a trigger or compulsion, you may find that talking to your sponsor or finding a meeting that specializes in those topics is helpful. You may also want to consider finding a meeting that has therapy groups or self-help groups so that you can meet others who are also struggling with these issues.

Find Local Meeting Sites And Attend Regularly

AA meetings are meant to be community-based, so it makes sense that most members prefer to find a local meeting site. However, finding a meeting that feels welcoming and supportive can be easier said than done. Start by looking at a meeting’s website and finding meeting times that work for you. You may want to look for meetings that meet outside of the traditional business hours so that you can avoid conflicts with family and work.

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