Ways of Preventing Acne

Ways of Preventing Acne

People with recurrent or persistent acne breakouts understand how difficult it is to treat and heal your skin. That is why most people focus on preventing acne from forming because even after treatment, you are left with acne scars. Usually, there is no safe way of removing acne from your skin other than reducing the breakout and adopting some healthy practices. Therefore, if acne affects your physical appearance, you can use the acne Manteca treatment to help reduce acne breakout, thus improving your outlook. For optimal results, you can also adopt some effective preventive measures such as:

Clean your face                    

Irrespective of whether you got acne, it is always essential to clean your face twice a day to remove dead skin, impurities, makeup, and extra oil from the surface of your skin. Usually, washing more than twice a day is not necessary and might cause harm to your skin. You should use warm water and a mild facial cleanser when washing your face, not hot water or harsh soaps. It would help if you avoided harsh soaps because they irritate and hurt inflamed skin. Ensure you use a soft cloth to clean the face and avoid scrubbing your skin harshly.

Moisturize your skin

Acne products and treatments usually contain an ingredient that usually dries the skin. Therefore, you should use a moisturizer to moisturize your skin to help prevent your skin from peeling and reduce dryness. Ensure the moisturizer you are using is non-comedogenic which does not cause acne. It is essential to be keen when purchasing moisturizers because there are those for dry, oily, or both skin types.

Use over-the-counter acne products

You can also try over-the-counter acne products because most contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or lactic acid, which reduces skin dryness and prevents bacterial infection. However, these products often make your skin peel or dry, so you should initially use them in small quantities. Later, you can increase the amount and number of times you apply. You can also use OTC topical retinoid gel to prevent acne from forming.

Use little makeup

When experiencing an acne breakout, you are advised to avoid wearing powder, foundation, or blush. However, if you usually wear makeup, you should wash it off your skin at the end of the day and ensure you use oil-free cosmetics that do not contain added chemicals or dyes.

Avoid touching your face

You are advised to keep your hands off your face to avoid the spread of bacteria. Your hands can also irritate your inflamed skin. You should also avoid popping or picking pimples using your fingers to reduce scarring and infection.

You can also exercise daily, stay away from the sun, avoid some hair products and avoid eating certain foods that can increase acne breakout. You can schedule your appointment at LUX Dermatology today and receive acne treatment. The care providers also educate you on some preventive measures you can apply to prevent further acne breakouts and promote healing. If your acne is not reducing despite adhering to acne treatment, you can call the offices and consult more on other effective ways of stopping acne.

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