<strong>Common Medical Emergencies</strong>

<strong>Common Medical Emergencies</strong>

Generally, injury or illness can occur without warning, and you must seek emergency care. Usually, most people might suffer from serious medical illnesses and still wait until serious complications arise to seek medical help. However, that should not be the case because some conditions require immediate medical care. Therefore, all you are required to do is learn about various medical conditions that require immediate care. Therefore, if you have a condition that requires urgent medical attention, St. Michael’s Elite Hospital provides the best emergency care. Some of the medical emergencies include:

·       Bleeding

Wounds and cuts often cause bleeding, but a serious injury can result in internal bleeding, which is usually not visible. However, not all bleeding incidences require urgent medical treatment because they can be treated by first aid being advised by a GP or pharmacist. You should seek emergency treatment when you cannot control bleeding even after trying first aid, the bone or tissue is visible through the cut, or an object is seen within the wound. If you lose a lot of blood and begin feeling dizzy, unwell, or appear pale, you might require immediate medical attention because you can go into shock due to excess blood loss.

·       Breathing difficulties

There are various reasons you might experience difficulty breathing, like allergic reactions, asthma attacks, colds, or coughs. Breathing difficulties can also be due to conditions like Covid-19. You can go out of your breath during physical activity or exercises. Still, if it occurs suddenly, it can indicate an underlying condition requiring urgent medical attention. When you have breathing difficulties, you might experience noisy breathing, pain while taking deep breaths, shortness of breath, and breathing faster than normal.

·       Epileptic seizure

People diagnosed with seizures normally experience fits and seizures, but they can also occur to anyone without such a diagnosis. Usually, it is a condition that involves uncontrollable and involuntary twitching or jerking movement of all body parts. Other forms of this condition involve minimal or no movements of your body. Of importance to note is that when one is experiencing a seizure, one should not move them or prevent them from shaking unless they are at risk of danger. After you or someone close to you experiences a seizure, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

·       Severe pain

Each individual usually experiences pain differently depending on their threshold for pain. Similarly, pain can start suddenly and worsen over time and might be due to injury or illness. Severe pain can affect your quality of life because it prevents you from participating in your daily chores. In this case, you might be required to seek immediate medical help for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. If you have an injury and are in pain, it is essential to assess your pain for prompt treatment.

·       Heart attack

It is a serious medical condition when the blood supply to your heart is blocked. It is essential to seek medical help when you have a heart attack because it might even result in death.

Schedule your appointment at St Michael’s Elite Hospital today if you or someone close to you have an emergency that requires urgent care. The care providers offer quality services to ensure your needs are met.

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