Outstanding Benefits Prompting People to Embrace Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Outstanding Benefits Prompting People to Embrace Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Women are likely to have more reproductive health conditions than their male counterparts. One of the common reproductive conditions is uterine fibroids, which are non-cancerous growths that occur during the woman’s reproductive years. When the woman has this condition, she will likely have heavy vaginal bleeding, rectal pressure, pelvic discomfort, and rectal pressure. Since these symptoms interfere with the individual’s life, most seek Plantation uterine fibroid embolization. The following are the outstanding benefits prompting most women to embrace this treatment.

Saves the Uterus

Varying from the other procedures likely to affect the uterus, UFE is conducted within the blood vessels. For instance, the myomectomy procedure will call for the cutting into the uterus tissue. On the other hand, a hysterectomy will remove the uterus together with the fibroids. Since the UFE procedure will only involve cutting off the blood supply to deprive the fibroids of critical nutrients, the uterus tissue will not be affected. This process will only cut off fibroids’ blood supply making them shrink and die.

No Scar

When seeking treatment, most people look for a treatment that will not have many scars. One advantage of the UFE is that it is more minimally invasive than surgical procedures. Both myomectomy and hysterectomy cause a scar inside the woman’s vagina or on the abdomen. Even though these scars could be small, the UFE does not cause any scars. The UFE will only cause a small nick in the groin skin or at the individual’s forearm, which will heal completely.

Less Risk than Surgery

Before seeking treatment, most people check the risk that the procedure will expose them to. This has been the main reason most people have avoided most surgeries; they are associated with high risks. Even though every medical procedure has some risks, UFE has fewer risks than surgeries. For instance, since the process is not carried out under general anesthesia, the person will not have general anesthesia risks. Furthermore, the person will have fewer risks of bleeding and pelvic infection.

Quick Recovery Time

In recent years, most people have had busy schedules, making it inconvenient to seek treatment. They are therefore seeking treatment which they can recover fast, thereby not interfering with their tight schedule. One advantage of the UFE is that it has a quicker recovery time than most surgical treatments. For instance, women can resume normal activities within two weeks after having the UFE. This process is faster than the hysterectomy, which can take six weeks.

Treats Multiple Fibroids Simultaneously

Most people do not want to visit the healthcare facility regularly. Therefore, they look for a treatment that can treat varying conditions simultaneously. One advantage of the UFE procedure is it can treat all the individual’s fibroids simultaneously. The interventional radiologist can isolate the blood supply for all the fibroids that require treatment. Even though a hysterectomy effectively eliminates all the fibroids, it is a major surgery that will demand uterus removal.

Even though uterus fibroids have been increasing, most people delay before seeking treatment as they wait for the disease to seize naturally. Rather than this condition seizing, it worsens, making it hard and costly to treat. If you have uterus fibroids symptoms, you should not wait any longer but visit the right specialist in your locality. The specialist will diagnose your condition to determine if it is uterus fibroids and offer the right treatment for your situation, boosting your quality of life.

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