Laws Related to Dog Bites That You Should Know

Laws Related to Dog Bites That You Should Know

Even the most affectionate dogs can sometimes bite you when they are scared or overwhelmed. Imagine you were walking down your neighborhood, and your neighbor’s dog comes and bites you. You get injured, and you have to rush to the hospital. But in this scenario, who would be held responsible for your loss and your pain?

The dog owner’s insurance company is responsible for paying for your injuries and damages due to a dog attack. However, an injury lawyer in Roseville would be the best suggestion to answer this question, as one case is different than the other. But to provide you with a quick answer, the dog owner would be held responsible for such irresponsible behavior. Moreover, this may have certain conditions, whether the dog was feeling threatened by you at the moment. All of this entirely depends on how your case is presented.

Laws related to dog bites.

To get the exact answer as to who would be entitled to pay, laws depend on which city and state you belong to. Typically there are three types of dog bite liability:

  1. Dog Bite Statute: Under this kind of law, the dog’s actual owner is held responsible for any property damages or any injury that is caused to any individual by the dog if the dog is not provoked or threatened. One thing that is to be remembered in this law is that if the owner can prove that the dog was provoked at the time of the incident, the owner would not be liable to pay.
  2. One bite rule: The dog owner will be entitled to pay for the losses and injury caused by the dog only if the owner of the dog was aware that the dog has the potential to cause injury to someone or poses a danger. If the victim can prove that the owner was aware of this, the owner will have to pay for all the expenses.
  3. Petting Negligence: Under this law, the dog’s owner is held responsible for paying if the owner was negligent in petting the dog and letting him loose without taking any safety precautions. 

Several laws reside over dog bites and who should be held responsible for them. These laws boil down to getting a trained personal injury attorney that can guide you and your case in the right direction. Your personal injury attorney will carefully investigate for evidence and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

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