Exploring the multipurpose use of Micronware chest of drawers in a different room

Exploring the multipurpose use of Micronware chest of drawers in a different room

The modern house is really incomplete without a chest of drawers. It is one of the most functional home furnishing items. Whether it is tall or short drawers, it can serve different jobs. Besides, the trendy design look gives its aesthetic touch to any room. Even designers are coming out with chests of drawers in wooden materials that give the most vintage look. So, you can easily decorate your houses by adding Micronware drawers in any room. If you are still confused about the chest of drawers, read this article. You will find some good ideas to refurnish your home. 

Idea for bedroom

Bedrooms are the place where you must have a chest of drawers. You might see images on social media with mirrors and chest drawers. Isn’t it classy? This simple white dresser can help you to keep your clothes folded. If you have very limited space to install a full-size dresser, you can easily invest money in a good quality one. Keep a low-height chest of drawers just beside your bed. It will help you store books, chargers, eye pads, and medicine handy. Besides, you can place a table lamp and diffusers on it to have a dreamy sleep at night. You can use these drawers with mirrors to make it your makeup vanity. These things are so trendy for keeping makeup well organized. 

The idea for the dining room

The chest of drawers is equally useful for the dining room. You love to collect crockeries. But, keeping ceramic bowls and expensive plates in kitchen cabinets increases the chances of breakage. So, you can keep it organized in these drawers. You can even use the long low, height drawers for serving buffet-style dinner. A low-height horizontal chest of drawers can give you the option to decorate the kitchen countertop with flowers. You can have a tea party with some seasonal decorations. At the same time, you can use it for storage purposes. 

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