Handicap Parking Signage Uses and Requirements

Handicap Parking Signage Uses and Requirements

If you have a handicap parking lot, it is crucial that you have the proper signage to direct drivers to accessible parking spaces. In addition to letting drivers know where to park, these signs are usually brightly colored and durable.

While many states follow the American with Disabilities Act, each state has its own laws regarding handicap signage. Not complying with the law could lead to expensive lawsuits and hefty fines. For this reason, it is imperative to know the laws governing disabled parking signage. It is essential for public facilities to have proper signage, so make sure your signage meets the regulations in your area. This article will outline the basic guidelines for handicap parking signage.

First of all, the sign must be large enough to be seen from the driver’s side. Similarly, a van-accessible parking space must have corresponding text under the handicap access symbol. It is also important to locate accessible parking spaces closest to entrances and exits. This will ensure the driver has the right of way. You may also consider installing ramps near handicap parking spaces. Then, you can ensure that your handicap customers get the best experience possible with your store’s service.

If you are a property owner, make sure your signs comply with the laws. Signs must have the International Symbol of Accessibilité. If you’re unsure, contact a local parking enforcement office to get a handicapped parking permit. Using such service will ensure your handicap parking signage is properly installed. The team of professionals at this location will help you create and install your handicap parking signs.

4 Benefits of Handicap Parking Signage.

No matter your business, having handicap parking signage can help you in different ways. Here are some of the major benefits that you can take advantage of:

1. Help Handicapped Customers

If you have a disabled customer, it is important to ensure they have access to your store’s services. Having handicap parking signs will allow your customers to easily locate handicap parking spaces. This will help them get inside the store and enjoy your products and services.

2. Find More Customers with Disabilities

Having handicap parking signs will also let more people with disabilities know about your business. This is because people with disabilities are more likely to visit businesses that offer accessible parking spaces. Using such signs will allow you to attract more customers with disabilities. This will improve your brand recognition and get more traffic into your business premises as well!

3. Save Money on Parking Enforcement

When you have proper handicap parking signage, you may avoid having to pay for tickets or other fines for non-handicap parking violations. This is because people with disabilities are allowed to park in handicap parking spaces. If you have the proper signs, you can let everyone know that these are handicap parking spots and that they should not be used by anyone else.

4. Increase Your Brand Recognition

The more people who visit your business, the more chances of your brand being recognized. Having proper signage will let people know that you are an inclusive business and that you care about the welfare of your customers with disabilities. This will help spread awareness about your brand and improve its image in the community!

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