Adapt French Bulldog As Your Pet And Enjoy Their Company

Adapt French Bulldog As Your Pet And Enjoy Their Company

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The French bulldog is one of the miniature dog breeds. They can be great pets and they provide very good company to the family members. They gel with even the children. They are known as the clown dog because of the fun-loving nature. They have oversized ears like a bat, a compact structure with heavy bones. They had a large and square head with lean and smaller hindquarters. They have small and dark eyes above the muzzle. They have strong necks with wide chests. They have short and straight or screwed tails.

Coats of Frenchie

The coats of the Frenchie dog are passed down from generation to generation. They are usually of three main colors which are brindle, fawn, and pied. There are different colors like blue, Merle, Grey, Pure Black French Bulldogs. Brindle is the most dominant among all other breeds. They have a coat with light colors mixed here and there. It is made of fawn hairs.

There are three types of Brindle French dogs-

  • Strong Brindle Frenchie
  • Brindle Pied French Bulldog
  • Seal Brindle French Bulldog

The color of bulldog

The Fawn French Bulldog usually has a coat of lighter has that ranges from reddish to yellow or even pale cream color. There are dogs with colors having a light tan, golden tan, or reddish tan. The dogs having dark reddish fawn color are referred to as Red fawn. They have a dark masking tape black nose. The ears are commonly dark and they have some brindle streaks in their coat.

Pied Frenchie dogs have a coat that ranges from color white to excel. They look like porcelain white or a bright cream. They have one dark patch that makes them stand out. It may be around eyes or some other place on the body.


The French bulldog has very short hair and only one coat. But when it comes to other breeds in comparison they do not shed as much. This is one of the reasons that they cannot tolerate the very cold temperature. Dogs with two coats are better suitable for colder climates. French dogs have natural oils that keep them clean and free from infections.


So washing your French bulldog often might wash the natural protective layer off. There are confusions about giving your pet dog a shower. You need to keep your pet clean in order to keep them safe and good.

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