5 Self-Care Tips to Keep Your Neck Healthy

5 Self-Care Tips to Keep Your Neck Healthy

Your neck is one of the important organs in the body that has a million and one uses. This organ links your head with other body parts. Through that connection, the neck covers the nerves which transmit the sensory from your brain to other body parts. Besides, the neck allows you to turn in different directions due to its high flexibility. However, lifestyle habits such as poor posture can trigger neck stiffness, making it difficult for you to turn around. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for your living habits to prevent neck pain Shrewsbury. The following are self-care tips you should embrace to keep your neck healthy.

Sleep Right

Getting quality sleep is crucial for your overall wellness. However, your sleep position is a practical matter regarding neck wellness. Sleeping on your back helps your spine to rest effectively, thus reducing any strain on the neck. While sleeping, it is recommended that you use a wedge pillow to incline your neck, which helps to avoid spinal complications.

Carry Weight Uniformly

You may not understand the harm you are causing your neck whenever you lift a heavy purse on one side of your body. Essentially, this practice causes unevenness in the shoulders, which ultimately strains the neck muscles. Therefore, you should lighten your purse by carrying only the essentials. While lifting the loads, ensure that your shoulder is on the same level to maintain neck health.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a beverage that you should never underrate regarding neck health. Notably, the spongy structures within your neck have fluid whose high proportion is water. When dehydrated, water starts finding its way out of those spongy structures, exposing them to wear and tear. Therefore, it would help if you aimed for at least two to three liters of water daily to realize optimal hydration for your body. Have a bottle of water in your hand to take a sip as you progress with your daily activities.


Muscles and joints are meant to keep moving. This golden rule is not an exception to the neck muscles, which you should stretch slightly. Engage in mild exercises such as chin tuck activities which help to strengthen suboccipital and scalene muscles keeping your neck in good condition.

Try Headset

Most people have recently spent much of their time on smartphones. This is not a bad idea since many activities have shifted online. However, the practice can compromise neck wellness, especially when you tilt your head on one side. Therefore, whenever you use your phone for a long time, it is good to use hand-free appliances such as an earpiece, which will help you avoid holding your smartphone improperly.

Millions of people have reported neck pain, which usually undermines their quality of life. With neck pain, turning around becomes problematic due to stiffness along the neck muscles. If you are not a victim of neck pain, there is much you should do to keep your back healthy. For example, embracing the correct posture while engaging in normal activities is necessary. Seeking relevant medical intervention when you encounter neck discomfort can also help prevent chronic neck pain.

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