Why You Should Choose Integrative Medicine

Why You Should Choose Integrative Medicine

The healthier you are, the happier and more productive your life becomes. Maintaining such health levels in the modern world characterized by numerous illnesses and packed schedules is difficult. It is the main reason more health-conscious individuals are turning to New York integrative medicine, which combines complementary and conventional approaches. Integrative medicine is a more holistic approach focusing on the whole body, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Among the top contributions that emphasize the need to adopt integrative medicine include the following:

Comprehensive care

Integrative medicine focus on all aspects of your health consults your medical and family history and accounts for your goals when developing an ideal and evidence-based care regimen. Nothing is discounted, which facilitates the adoption of a comprehensive approach. You promote your body’s ability to self-repair and heal when every aspect is addressed. This promotes healthier living, minimizing the need for medication, hospitalizations, and invasive treatments. While integrative medicine includes various treatments, even surgery, promoting healthier all-around living makes it more of a preventative approach.

Addresses the root cause

Integrative medicine considers all factors influencing your health, including biological, psychosocial, behavioral, and environmental. Such an approach means you won’t be taking a pi for an illness and hope to remain healthy. You address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. This means establishing the root cause of your health problems and holistically addressing them, making you truly healthy.

Promote healthier living

Integrative medicine promotes healthier living with measures focused on aspects like hormonal balance, mitigating inflammation risks, and addressing immune system and gut health. With approaches including nutritional measures, you can promote healthier living since you won’t be exposed to deficiencies, further improving your health. Others, like mitigating exposure to toxins, also reduce health concerns that could develop into severe conditions. Healthy living seems straightforward, but as you navigate your busy life, it can easily take the backseat. With integrative medicine, you will have an easier time adopting and sticking to a healthier regimen, making it a worthy addition to your healthcare.

Improved quality of life

Integrative medicine is tailored to your specific needs. The healthcare provider collaborates with you to set realistic goals and adopt the best remedies. Your overall wellness, including emotional and mental health, improves following personalized attention. The improvement allows the body to better self-repair, translating to fewer illnesses. As your health improves, you will be more productive since you won’t be subjected to frequent hospitalization or taking medication, some of which come with unwelcome side effects. Less or no pain, fewer illnesses, and lower complication chances when managing chronic conditions translate to a better quality of life.

Integrative medicine is ideal for everyone, regardless of age and medical condition. You can adopt the approach at any point in life, even when battling chronic conditions since it combines complementary and conventional medicine. The main focus is optimizing your health by promoting healthier living, allowing your body to self-repair and remain healthy. Contact Anna Barbieri, MD, today for more on integrative medicine or to get started.

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