Why wire is necessary to make bobbleheads?

Why wire is necessary to make bobbleheads?

Making custom bobbleheads is a long process that will make you tired for sure. But the bouncing heads would look great as entertaining and along with it will come a satisfaction by making it with your own hands.

That is why we feel more affected by the things that we make. If you are trying to make this for the first time, it might not be the best and that is okay cause you have the opportunity to grow better and make it perfect.

Among many ingredients that are required to make a bobblehead, the wire is quite necessary and as we can see, we will require two types of wires. We will be needing wire of 20 gauge and 24 gauge. The wire is quite important to make the toy as well.

Where do we use the wires while making the bobbleheads?

The two types of wire have very different use and application. The 20-gauge wire will be used to make the hips, legs, and feet. That wire would look like the alphabet ‘U’ and provide the sculpture. The 24-gauge wire would be covering the end of the foot to give the shape of it and will be holding it. The wires would also link the body to the head and shall hold the head on top. The wires are the connection of the neck to the bouncing head.

But the most important use of the string is that it is also used to make the string that will be bouncing up and down and which is the main thing for a bobblehead. The wire would be cut and shall be made a spring-like structure and over it will be the cover of clay which will be shaped like ahead.

Downwards also, the clay would be used as the cover of the wire to provide the shape over the skeleton that is the wire. The spring would be made by cutting a double length of the wire and then by folding in half and then it is to be twisted together with pliers.

It is well established that string is used as one of the most important elements to make the toy. If the trick of the wire is cracked half of the job is done and what left is just covering the strings with clay or plastic. The finished product would look quite marvelous and is supported by the strings itself. This is the necessities of string while making custom bobbleheads .

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