What Is the Future of Solar Panels and Solar Roofing?

What Is the Future of Solar Panels and Solar Roofing?

You may not yet know it, but new products from both Tesla and GAF are planning to transform the way we think about solar panels and solar roofing. And if you haven’t yet connected solar panels with solar roofing, the following information might just encourage you to.

That said, neither solution from Tesla and GAF are the perfect choice for every homeowner, and aside from visual differences, there are other pros and cons to consider, too.

Let’s look at both products in a little more detail:

Tesla’s solar roof

Combining ‘smart’ tiles with integrated solar and ‘dumb’ tiles that are spaced out around the roof, a Tesla roof is comprised of tiles made from hardened glass with the highest fire rating available. They come in a black finish, and complete with metal flashing and trim, this roofing system is weather-resistant.

However, some of the biggest problems with a Tesla roof don’t come from the way the roof looks, but from the way it has been applied:

  • Expensive, Tesla roofing is at its optimum when used in conjunction with optional upgrades, such as the Tesla Powerwall.
  • They require expert installation from a professional (of which there are few that are fully trained)
  • You may be waiting some time to get your Tesla roof

GAF’s Timberline solar roof

Taking a regular asphalt shingle and adding solar, the GAF Timberline solar system is in essence, a shingle with solar technology attached to the front, and combines the advantages of asphalt shingles with solar power generation. Easy to install, the material is simply nailed down, but still requires professional installation to connect them to the grid.

The disadvantages of a Timberline, however. Stem from the asphalt shingle base:

  • Lasting as little as 10 years from installation, the asphalt base is not particularly durable
  • Bad for the environment, the roof isn’t recyclable and will eventually end up in a landfill
  • Uneven, the layers required for this roof add bulk and are not as sleek as Tesla’s solution.

Solar panels mounted on a roof

For those unable to afford the solutions described above, having solar panels mounted on the roof is a convenient and much more affordable way to gain all the benefits of solar power.

When mounted onto a metal roof, brackets simply clamp the panels down tight without the need for drilling, whereas with an asphalt or tile roof, a solar professional will be required to drill holes in the roof and safely secure the panels.

Provided your solar panels are professionally mounted on to your roof, you can begin enjoying the many benefits of solar power right from the get go, and if Tesla or GAF’s solutions aren’t currently the right fit for you (as they won’t be for many, due to their price tag), why not have a solar system installation done today, to begin making huge savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

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