What are the tricks to improve your gaming experience in GTA 5?

What are the tricks to improve your gaming experience in GTA 5?

Everyone can play the latest version of GTA by downloading the GTA 5 android application from the web. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to be on the safer side among other characters in the game. Also, it will be tedious for you to do some tasks like finding a specific character on the map. You can use the following tricks to be so. 

Tricks to use in GTA 5

Passive mode in GTA 5

There is an option to be safe while someone shoots you in GTA 5. It is the option to enter passive mode. Once you go to the passive mode in GTA 5, you will not get killed by anyone when you are on foot. The other players or characters in the game will get an indication that you could not be killed. So, there will not be any threat of death while you are talking with someone on your foot or doing something else. However, if the building where you are is blown up or there is a fire accident, you will be dead. Also, others can shoot you if you are on a bike or a car. Only standing or walking on your foot will make you safe from the attackers. You should keep in mind that you could not also shoot others while you are in passive mode. You will get to choose this option of conversion to the passive mode from your interaction menu.

Banking in GTA 5

It is not advisable to take cash with you and roam around in the city of GTA 5. You can take it with you. But it is necessary to stay away from attackers and being killed. The limit of money to take with you is anything below $5000. If you have an amount of less than $5000, you will lose only $100 when someone kills you. However, if you have more than $5K, you would have to give up that $100 along with the excess money from $5000. So, it is better to keep your money safe with a bank. You can deposit money using an ATM. However, you may mess something up when you are in an ATM. So, you can consider depositing using the money and services option via the internet. It is better to make sure that no one is around when you deposit your money. Once you put your money in a bank, it will be safe there. 

Finding people in GTA 5

If you are looking for someone else in the game, it will be horrible to get confused with those numerous dots on your map. So, you can use the Highlight Player option from your interaction menu to get some help finding the person. Once you switch it on, there will be a flashing dot on both your main map and the minimap on the screen. If you follow the flashlight, you can reach your guy without any issues or confusion. 

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