What are the tips which will help in understanding Call of Duty: warzone and make us win in it?

What are the tips which will help in understanding Call of Duty: warzone and make us win in it?

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The battle games need so many tips and tricks before playing them. This is because these battle games are not easy these days; there are lots of things that a person have to keep in mind before starting the game; one mistake can take you to death. The tips we are discussing are not so hard and fast; these are some of the simple tips that will help you play Call of Duty: warzone in a more focused and better way.

Tips will help you to win the game, but what about the obstacles that you will face in between the game. These tips cannot remove the obstacles; you need to use cold war cheats for that, which will help you at every stage and problem in between the game. Let’s discuss some of the tips.

You should check the map before dropping it on it

There are two types of maps in the warzone. You should check the map on which you are going to land. These maps do not remain the same every time; there are some updates that come in a regular period. Checking the maps is important because sometimes there will be fewer players on the map, and sometimes you land on the non-playable area where there is green gas all around. Some people also don’t want to drop themselves in a crowded area; they want to drop on a place with fewer players as they want to practice first.

Collect all the equipments you find 

In the battle games, you have seen that after killing the opponent, their equipments are left wasted and used by no one. The warzone has a feature of picking the dead opponent’s equipments, and this is a good opportunity for you. Suppose you are a beginner and you have killed a pro player, then his/her equipments will become yours, and it will help you to reach high levels easily. You have to buy the equipments, and by collecting the equipments, you can save the cash and buy some other equipments with that.

Exploit the Gulag

Gulag is a kind of jail where you will be sent after getting shot by your opponent. This is the best and unique feature of this game as you will get another chance to get back in the match and play with your team members. This is possible as there is an equipment-free battle in the gulag, and winning in it will again give you the chance of going back to the battle.

Use cheats and hacks when in trouble

Cheats and hacks play an essential role in the game as they will help you overcome the obstacles coming your way. You should use these cheats and hacks only when you are in a problematic situation; if you use this every time, then the game will become boring for you and, you will not enjoy playing it.


Tips and tricks are one of the most important things which should be considered by every player before 

playing any game will give you so many benefits, and it will make your gaming experience better, and you will enjoy more playing that game.

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