Vital terms and their meanings to know while playing slot games online

Step by Step Guide on how to Play Online Slots

If you are about to play slot online, you should keep the following terms and their meanings in mind.

Pay line – There would be either single or multiple horizontal lines on the slot machines that would showcase the winning combination of characters after this spin. These are the pay lines.

Jackpot – Jackpot is nothing but bigger prize money given in a casino game. However, Jackpot is popularly known as the winning amount in a progressive slot game. As the name suggests, the Jackpot will be progressing its size every time a newcomer joins the casino with his bet. Until a person wins it, the prize money would be growing continuously. So, its size is always huge and the difficulty of winning it would also be high.

243 ways – Usually, you would have to guess the character that comes up on the same row under the pay line to win in a slot game. However, 243 way is a variation of the slot game that would not consider the row of pay line. Instead, you will win even if the adjacent spaces have got the guessed character. So, the probability of getting the right character would be high than other variations.  

Return to Player – You could say that one could not win in a casino game for sure. However, if you choose to play a slot game consistently on the same machine, you could win a certain amount for sure. The size of the wagered money you could get back, in the long run, is known as the Return to Player. It would be a percentage mentioned in all slot games. If RTP is 90%, you will get that much of your wagered money as winnings over a period. So, people would always look for a slot game with higher RTP. 

Paytable – A paytable is an information sheet available in online slot games that would contain vital information regarding the numbers used in the particular slot game. If you wish to play the game, you should use some coins matching the coin size of the game. Likewise, the activation of the pay line will cost you a bit. Each of these pay lines will get you a different amount of payout. The payout will differ according to the character you choose also. So, the final payout and the bet requirements will all vary from time to time. Hence, you should use this paytable before you play the slot game. 

Penny slots – As the basic requirement of every casino game, slot machine games will also ask you to pay a certain amount in the form of chips in the name of the bet before you start to play. However, the size of this bet amount will differ depending on the type of slot game. If the bet amount is too small, the slot category is known as the loose slot. The size of the bet will be small enough to let you forget your losses as negligible.   

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