Viscosupplementation In Naples – Everything To Know About The Procedure

Studies have proven that over 30 million US citizens suffer from osteoarthritis. This issue is a condition that is prevalent and painful at the same time. The pain starts in the joints and can be caused by the constant usage of the joints over the years. The cushion-like structure between the joints, known as cartilage, will break down over time and cause bone-to-bone friction. This results in pain in the joints. 

Naples viscosupplementation solution is the most preferred treatment for joint pain. The Naples Regeneration Institute is one such solution for osteoarthritis. The institute’s experts know very well how to treat the condition, along with offering promising results. You can check their webpage to know more. 

Factors Influencing the Condition 

Many factors contribute to understanding the causes of osteoarthritis. They are: 

  • Weight 
  • Age 
  • Genetics 
  • Injuries 
  • Daily workload 

Experts suggest being vigilant and getting treated as early as possible when you notice the signs of joint pain. The prolonged pain can lead to invasive procedures as the only available solution. 

Suppose the initial signs are brought to the attention of the doctor. In that case, they suggest you follow some protocol, such as exercising to reduce body weight and following some therapeutic procedures. Finally, some pain management regimen will be followed. 

Viscosupplementation is the next line of treatment for people who cannot find relief from any of these options. When there is not enough hyaluronic acid in cartilage, the massaging between the bones will become impossible. As the cartilage gets damaged over the years, the bone structures will start rubbing against one another. The resulting factor will cause friction between the bones, resulting in pain. 

Viscosupplementation targets damaged cartilage and will work on restoring the lost liquid in cartilage. This process is done by injecting a gel-like liquid into the cartilage muscle. As a result, the get will become the bridge between the bones and serve as the cushiony structure. 

Viscosupplementation Benefit 

The procedure’s benefit is the long-lasting cushiony presence between the bones and a reduction in joint pain. The excess fluid from between the bones will be removed completely, avoiding the chances of bone swelling. 

Viscosupplementation is one of the many solutions to handle all kinds of bone and joint pains in people of different ages. The experts might suggest putting you under anesthesia for minimal discomfort during the procedure. Consult your physician as soon as you start experiencing pain in your joints.

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