Understanding LARCS as A Form of Birth Control

Understanding LARCS as A Form of Birth Control

You may be looking forward to having a baby in the future. Therefore, make sure you do not conceive before then. Therefore, choosing a contraceptive method that suits your health and offers maximum protection becomes important. Memorial City birth control methods are a good option if you do not plan on getting pregnant soon. Your doctor may recommend LARCS, which involves implants and IUDs, to prevent pregnancy reliably. You can understand how LARCS works in the discussion below.

What are The Types of LARCS?

As the name suggests, long-acting reversible contraception involves birth control methods that offer long-term pregnancy prevention. You may get from three to ten years if you settle on LARCS. Your doctor can recommend IUDs that they insert into your uterus to prevent possible pregnancy. IUDs can come in Copper forms that offer protection for up to ten years, and Hormonal IUDs may last for three to seven years, depending on the brand. You can also benefit from Implants as a form of LARCs, which your doctor puts inside your upper arm. Currently, Nexplanon® remains the only implant that FDA has approved to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Who Can Consider Using LARCS?

You can settle on LARCS if you seek an effective method to prevent pregnancy. Your doctor may recommend this control method if you do not want regular maintenance of contraception. You can also choose this method if you forget to take birth control pills. However, you may not benefit from this procedure if you are pregnant and have cervical and uterine cancers, STIs, and unexplained vaginal bleeding. Your doctor may also recommend avoiding copper IUDs if you are allergic to copper and Hormonal IUDs if you are at risk of developing breast cancer.

How Do LARCS Work?

Long-acting reversible contraceptives create a toxic sperm environment, thus preventing the traveling of sperm to the fallopian tubes for fertilization. Firstly, copper IUDs will prompt a response that causes inflammation in the uterus, denying sperm the ability to survive. Additionally, they cause thinning of the uterus lining so that even a fertilized egg will not implant in your uterus. On the other hand, Hormonal IUDs also prompt response and release progestin hormones to thicken the cervical mucus. The thickening will make it difficult for sperm to swim to the tubes. Secondly, implants work by releasing another form of progestin which prevents ovulation.

Are There Benefits To LARCS?

You can enjoy safety with IUDs because doctors usually test them for safety before approving them. Secondly, LARCS can effectively offer protection against pregnancy because you do not have to worry about forgetting them. LARCS also require low maintenance since they can stay in function for many years without you having to do any major tasks. Lastly, with LARCS, you do not need to interrupt your sex life.

Find out more about several different forms of birth control at Memorial Women’s Specialists. The facility will educate you on the appropriate methods you can choose depending on your health. You can raise any concerns you may have about the methods of contraception. Visit the website to make your online appointment.

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