Trending flooring 2020

Trending flooring 2020

Whether you are furnishing a home or commercial space, it is important to choose the best flooring. Flooring often gets overlooked by virtue of the fact that it is underfoot, but it should be given serious consideration. If you want to refresh the look of the home then the best and easy way is to change the floor. The floor has a vital role in the appearance of the room. Putting down new flooring is a smart investment. But with there too many flooring options it has become difficult to determine which is best. If you are looking for the new flooring styles then this blog is going to help you. Let’s find out which floorings are in trend nowadays.

  • Marble-look porcelain tiles

Marble-look porcelain tiles look like marble and it is very popular among people. This flooring can provide a sophisticated look to any part of the home. Marble is considered as a luxurious material but the going with marble flooring may be an expensive approach. If you cannot afford marble flooring then you can install marble-look porcelain tiles, which will give the appearance of marble flooring. Porcelain tiles offer warmth and are perfect for your space if you are living in cold conditions.

  • Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

According to the latest surveys waterproof vinyl flooring is overtaking laminate flooring in the flooring industry. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is best for the both indoor and outdoor spaces because it is weather-resistant flooring. As wood is less resistant to water so you cannot install wood flooring in wet or moisture conditions. There you can install waterproof vinyl plank flooring. The authentic colors, patterns and shades of vinyl plank flooring offers a real and unique look.

  • Wood-look porcelain tiles

No doubt whether there is hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring, both are classic flooring options. But there is a need for certain maintenance and care for both types of flooring. As the name suggests wood-look porcelain tiles look like wood but this flooring requires less maintenance. These tiles hold strength to withstand against daily wears and tears. The designs are very convincing and one can be deceived that this is real wood flooring. 

  • Terrazzo

Are you looking for durable flooring? Are you looking for flooring for the commercial space? You can consider terrazzo, which is a front-runner in many building projects today. Cement terrazzo flooring is best if you want to give a vintage look. Terrazzo flooring has a long life span. Terrazzo has a high compressive strength and it can bear the burden of heavy foot traffic and machinery. Terrazzo floors are slip-resistant, water-resistant, fire-resistant and stain-resistant.

  • Carpets

Although carpeting is an old flooring technique, it is still in trend. The reason is that improvement is always made in the industry of carpets. Carpets are available in different styles, colors, patterns, designs and sizes, as well as they can be customized. Carpet is a versatile flooring option.

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