Top 5 Questions To Ask Before An Aesthetic Treatment

Modern aesthetic treatments are, for the most part, entirely safe. Nevertheless, knowing what you are getting into is important before you get one. The more informed you are, the more peace of mind you will enjoy before, during, and after your procedure. Therefore, you should always feel free to ask your aesthetic specialist as many questions as you want about their services.

SafiraMD Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center are professionals in the field of aesthetics, understand the ins and outs of every procedure, and are always eager to share their knowledge. Here are some key questions to ask during your pre-procedure consultation.

1. What Kind Of Treatments Are Available?

A great way to kickstart your aesthetic journey is by learning what treatments are available, and what each procedure can achieve. Most aesthetic clinics offer numerous procedures, ranging from invasive procedures like cosmetic surgery to more conservative solutions like injectables, laser therapy, and more. Your aesthetic provider should provide you with detailed information about the advantages of each one, and make recommendations based on your individual goals. 

2. Is This Procedure Appropriate For You?

Determining if you are a good candidate for aesthetic treatment is also crucial. While aesthetic treatments are often safe for everybody, they are not one-size-fits-all. Certain lifestyle concerns, health conditions, and other factors can affect your eligibility for the procedure. Your aesthetic specialist is the best individual to help you establish what treatments will best suit your concerns, goals, and lifestyle.

3. How Many Sessions Will You Require?

Although most aesthetic treatments deliver noticeable outcomes in only one session, some require more than one. Hair removal therapies, for instance, generally require multiple sessions spread apart for the smoothest and long-lasting outcomes. Missing these sessions can make the hair grow back in the areas you did not want it to. In other cases, you should consider routine maintenance sessions for acne treatments or reduction of wrinkles to keep your skin always looking its best.

4. What Is The Actual Treatment Like?

The experience varies based on what treatment you are considering. Nonetheless, most treatments are fast and comfortable and often take under an hour. For injectables like fillers and Botox, you might experience some mild bruising or redness after your procedure, but these side effects should fade away in a day or two. If necessary, your specialist can also make any necessary adjustments, such as providing you with a topical numbing cream to make your treatment experience more comfortable.

5. Do You Need To Do Anything After Your Treatment?

Aftercare for aesthetic procedures tends to be quite easy. However, for most procedures, you can resume your regular activities immediately after treatment. However, there are several exceptions for some facial treatments as they require you to avoid exposing your skin to sunlight and reduce tanning bed use for several days. Your aesthetic specialist will provide more individualized aftercare recommendations based on your unique aesthetic procedure.

There are numerous reasons why you may want to undergo an aesthetic treatment. Perhaps you want to look younger, change or enhance specific facial features, or modify your proportions. Whatever the case, before your aesthetic treatment, you should always consult with your specialist so that they understand your unique needs and goals. To make the most out of your consultation, ensure you pose all your questions and concerns to your provider. Otherwise, you may have a procedure that is not tailored for you.

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