Things to choose the restaurant interview questions

Things to choose the restaurant interview questions

Finding qualified workers is challenging for the hospitality industry. You need to attract candidates’ attention with a detailed job description, evaluate their qualifications, and ultimately choose those who are best qualified for an interview.

The next step is to ask the right restaurant interview questions to determine who would be the greatest candidate for each open position in the restaurant.

If you make any blunders in this procedure, your final team may lack the skills and character attributes required to thrive in a high-pressure environment.

What are some typical front-of-house responsibilities?

Front-of-the-house positions in restaurants include the barman, waiter, and general manager, all of whom deal directly with diners. Those working the front of the house are the ones directly engaging with clients and are so accountable for their satisfaction.

What do most people do for a living in a restaurant’s kitchen?

In addition to preparing and cooking meals, most jobs in restaurant kitchens also require cleaning the kitchen itself. All the way from line cook to executive chef, these roles can be found in restaurants of varying sizes. The most common chef post is “sous chef,” which literally translates to “under chef.” 

Other common jobs in a commercial kitchen include those of cooks, kitchen supervisors, line cooks, prep cooks, pastry chefs and sauce makers.

Interview questions you should ask every prospective worker

In what ways do you know about our brand?

You need to know if the applicant has had any prior experience with your restaurant (or chain), whether as a customer or an employee. This shows that they are well-versed about the venue’s atmosphere, cuisine, and other particulars.

Considering all the other dining establishments in the neighbourhood, why do you want to work for us?

If a potential employee admits that money is the primary motivation for wanting to work at your restaurant, don’t allow that deter you from hiring them. For most people, money is the single most important factor in their professional lives.

How would you describe the traits that make you a strong leader?

Competence in leadership is crucial for the smooth operation of any business. Some people are more effective leaders by setting an example, while others are more successful when they issue directives to their subordinates.

Give an example of a difficult encounter you had with a customer

The ability to calmly and rationally address customer complaints is a must for everyone working in hospitality. The capacity to sympathise with others and listen to what they have to say is crucial in establishing trust between waiters and guests.

Your restaurant team needs more than just top-notch cooking and customer service abilities to succeed. 

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