The Rising Popularity Of White Alcoholic Drinks Among The New Generation

The Rising Popularity Of White Alcoholic Drinks Among The New Generation

The world of alcoholic beverages is seeing a marked shift. There is nothing good or bad about this change but it’s a change nevertheless.  More and more people are showing a shift of focus from their regular choice of drinks to others especially the white alcoholic spirits. There is a surge in the market demand for Gin and Vodka that constitutes the major portion of this new trend. If you look up it will be clear that both Vodka and Gin has earned a lot of popularity in the recent years with both new and first time consumers to those who are already regulars.

Is Vodka And Gin Similar In Taste

There is a distinct taste that both Vodka and Gin has and they have their own group of consumers who enjoy this taste. For instance Vodka is a clear white drink that is devoid of any characteristic flavours of aroma. This is enjoyed by consumers in the form of various cocktail mixes with other drinks or even neat; served chilled with ice and sometimes with lime juice or even orange juice as well (the Screwdriver). Gin on the other hand comes with a lot of flavoursome offering with a mix of citrusy and herbal notes. Herbs like Juniper and Liquorice along with heavy citrusy orangey flavours make a very pleasant drink.  For those who have enjoyed both the drinks have no confusion that Vodka and Gin, though both are clear white spirits, do not have anything in common when it comes to taste and flavour.

How Is Gin Becoming More Popular These Days

There is a large section of drinkers who enjoy a light casual drink often; they are not always into the intense heavy drinks that are often complicated to understand and choose from. Gin gives such people an easy option. It’s light on the nose and the mouth, gives a full bodied punch when it comes to aroma and flavour in the most pleasant manner making it easily a popular choice. This is also very popular among ladies who appreciate the zero calorie drink.

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