Thankful For Cuisinart Replacement Parts!

Thankful For Cuisinart Replacement Parts!

I am absolutely addicted to my Cuisinart food processor. I religiously prep food every week, come hell or high water. I always make the time to get it done, so I know I won’t be making bad decisions at any given time during the week. I never thought I’d be so disciplined with it, but the Cuisinart food processor makes it easy for me to stick with it.

This has been something I have done for years, and I knew that when I got married it would either go one of two ways: it would annoy my husband to no end, or he’d be as thankful for it as I was. It started with the former until he realized how much it optimized my time, and has now moved to the latter. I’m thrilled that that’s how it turned out. I was not about to give up my weekly ritual.

As our family began to grow, the batches inevitably got bigger. It was time to order new parts; specifically a work bowl to help me make larger quantities. I was in luck, because I knew just where to look. I visited the KitchenWorksUSA website where they sell the Cuisinart DLC-8 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part. I got exactly what it was that I needed. I was so thankful that I didn’t have to buy a whole other model to make this work. 

It has been a wonderful way to instill healthy habits in the daily lives of our children. They have never been particularly fussy eaters, but they do have a slight aversion to most things that are highly processed. That amazes me, it is absolutely wonderful, and makes me realize that I have definitely done something right in this situation.

Over time, it’s become a real family bonding experience to make this all happen. We choose the recipes that we want to make for the week together. We experiment with new things and decide if we love it, if it needs to just be tweaked, or if we’re just never making it ever again. Only a handful of times have we resorted to ordering takeout due to a recipe mishap. 

My husband and kids help with what little prep needs to be done without the Cuisinart food processor. One of my kids has even taken a vested interest in cooking and says that he wants to attend culinary school when he’s older, so I have faith that my family will keep up the healthy habits, even when it’s entirely up to them. I feel like we have built a solid foundation for making smart decisions when it comes to their health, and it wouldn’t have been as easy or as convenient without my Cuisinart food processor. 

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