Selecting the Right Commercial Door for Your Business

When it comes to commercial buildings, safety is of utmost importance. Not only does it protect your employees and customers, but it also protects your business as well. One key aspect of safety in commercial buildings is the doors. While they may seem like just a way to enter and exit, doors play a crucial role in keeping any building safe. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the safety features you should look for in commercial doors.

Fire-Rated Materials: For commercial buildings, it is required that some doors be designed to prevent the spread of fire. These doors will typically be made of materials that are fire-resistant like steel, aluminum, or fire-rated wood. They will also have special seals around the edges that expand when heated to seal off any gaps that could allow smoke to pass through.

Security Glass: Many commercial buildings have glass doors or glass panes in the doors themselves. However, this can be a safety hazard if the glass isn’t secure. Look for doors with laminated or tempered glass, as they are more resistant to breaking. Additionally, some commercial doors come with security film you can apply to prevent break-ins.

Panic Hardware: In an emergency, it is essential that everyone in the building can exit quickly and easily. Panic hardware is specially designed to allow people to exit the building quickly and without getting trapped. This hardware is typically found on emergency exits and consists of a horizontal bar that runs across the width of the door. When pushed, the bar releases the latch and opens the door.

Electronic Locking System: For extra security, commercial doors may come equipped with an electronic locking system. These systems include keycard readers or combination locks, both of which require a code or card to access. This can be useful for areas that may contain sensitive information or goods.

Low-E glass: This type of glass has a special coating that helps block heat and UV rays while still allowing plenty of natural light into the building. It is particularly useful for commercial buildings that receive a lot of sunlight.


Ensuring that your commercial building is safe is a crucial part of running a business. While there are many ways to do this, one simple yet essential aspect is the doors. When shopping for new commercial doors, look for fire-rated materials, laminated or tempered glass, panic hardware, electronic locking systems and low-e glass for energy efficiency. By prioritizing safety and investing in quality doors, you can protect your business and those inside it.

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