Save yourself a great deal of stress of Music Submission

Save yourself a great deal of stress of Music Submission

If you’re looking for a place to submit your music, you’ve probably tried multiple sites. These sites allow anyone to submit their music, but your social media presence and press kit are not as important as the quality of your song. Keep in mind that curators are not looking to “give you a shot,” they’re looking for the best music to share with their audience. By spending time preparing your submission in advance, you’ll save yourself a great deal of stress and time later.

Firstly, you’ll want to decide which blogs you want to submit your music to. You might want to try blogs that cover music, or niche blogs that feature different genres. Research their audience and their content before submitting your work. In addition, you’ll want to find out what sort of music they publish. If you’ve written for an online music blog, you’ll want to include as much information as possible. In addition, be tactful, as well.

When you submit music to a magazine or playlist, remember that the quality of the feedback varies greatly between submissions and curators. Sharetopros offers a way to see if your music has been accepted by a particular curator and if the curators’ feedback is constructive. This can make a huge difference in your submission, so it’s important to get feedback on the curators that you’re interested in.

It’s also helpful to know where to submit your music based on its stage of completion. For instance, a fully mixed and mastered track is more likely to be heard by a music blog than an unfinished one. However, if you have already established relationships or a reputation in the industry, you can submit your almost-completed track later on. In addition, music blogs are great places to discover new artists and gain credibility in the industry.

An audio file, a download link, and a link to any streaming services your music is available on should all be included in the music submission email. In this manner, the procedure is made as practical and uncomplicated as is humanly possible. If you already have a channel on YouTube, you should check out Soundcloud. It is also recommended that you try some musosoup. Music submission has a rigorous application process, and it can take up to a month before your submission is approved. However, if you are patient enough, you will be able to submit your track and receive feedback from your peers.

Check out their rating system if you want Hype Machine to play your music and you want to be featured on their site. This website compiles a ranking of new and forthcoming tracks determined by the number of blog mentions each track has received. The staff of Hype Machine listens to popular tunes in order to identify trends and up-and-coming artists. 

A music submission on Hype Machine will identify relevant blogs for you to get in touch with in order to submit your song. It’s also a great method to get your track included on sites that are specifically linked to the genre that you play. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that submitting your music to these sites will not ensure that it will be played on the radio.

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