Make Unique Leg Braces For Kids At Westcoast Brace And Limb

Make Unique Leg Braces For Kids At Westcoast Brace And Limb

Westcoast Brace and Limb (WCBL) is used to help people—infants in need of cranial helmets, children with mobility issues, and veterans returning from war. But sometimes, WCBL is called on to help an animal in need.

During her appointment, orthotist Greg Bauer adjusted the battery-powered hand for Berset. It moves like her digits, slowly or briskly, gripping an iPhone or pecking a keyboard.

iLimb Digits

Our prosthetics team has experience fitting various upper extremity devices, including hands. We can help you find the best device to meet your child’s needs, providing a high-performance prosthesis with unmatched comfort and aesthetics.

The iLimb Digits is the most advanced myoelectric hand available for people missing one or more fingers. It’s designed for individuals who need a partial hand that can grasp a wide range of everyday objects and is available in two models: Access and Quantum.

Specialists at Westcoast Brace and Limb (WCBL) are accustomed to helping kids who need leg braces for kids, children with mobility issues, and adults with amputations. But WCBL is also an excellent resource for pet owners, like Journey, a nine-year-old golden retriever born with most of his front right paw missing.

iLimb Flex

The C-Brace is a microprocessor-controlled knee brace that adjusts real-time hydraulic resistances and knee flexion angles to accommodate the user’s natural movement. This advanced functional orthotic device helps individuals with neurological conditions affecting their lower extremities to walk hands-free, confidently take stairs one step at a time, and safely go down ramps or slopes while allowing them to sit for short periods.

Orthotist Les Bauer says he’s built many things over 25 years at Westcoast Brace and Limb on E Fletcher Avenue, including protective plastic shells for a Busch Gardens flamingo, a brace for a dog with paralyzed front legs, and a little buggy for a dog with a paralyzed rear leg. But making a knee brace for Misty, the Labrador-Dalmation mix that limped into his office last week was “a nice change.”

iLimb Lite

Les Bauer knows there are only a few happy campers in his profession. An orthotist and prosthetist, he works with people coming to terms with the idea that they need an artificial leg. So when Debbie and John Callahan brought Misty’s Labrador-Dalmation mix into his shop on E Fletcher Avenue a week ago, it was a relief to Bauer. He listened to her story and promised to build the dog a leg brace. It was a simple task: He made her two plastic shells and placed metal uprights on each side of her knee. The only tricky part was getting her to wear it.

iLimb Mini

iLimb Mini is an off-loading knee brace worn during short periods of activity and provides unmatched comfort, fit, and function. It is easy to adjust and can be used with a prosthetic leg or alone.

The unloader can also help increase blood flow to the site of injury or surgery to speed up healing. It’s beneficial for patients with diabetes because it can be worn for extended periods without causing a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Les Bauer is a pro at making unique orthotic devices. In his 25 years at Westcoast Brace and Limb on E Fletcher Avenue in Tampa, he’s made cast leg braces for kids for Busch Gardens’ flamingoes, protective plastic supports for dogs with paralyzed front paws, and “a little buggy for a dog whose whole back end was paralyzed.” But when Debbie Callahan brought her dog, Misty, into the office last week, he had never built a leg brace for a pet before.

iLimb Pro

Specialists at Westcoast Brace and Limb (WCBL) are used to helping people. They fit infants in cranial braces, children with mobility issues, and adults with amputated limbs. Sometimes they help animals, too. Like Journey, a nine-year-old golden retriever born without his front left paw.

The i-limb Pro is a myoelectric prosthetic hand with five powered articulating fingers, a manual rotatable thumb and wrist, and titanium digits to increase grip strength. It has a built-in battery and a touch sensor that responds to different gestures.

The iLimb Pro is available in one of ten skin shades for boys and girls, designed for simplicity and ease of use. It can be augmented with i-limb skin active, which provides additional functionality and a more cosmetic appearance, or i-limb skin natural, for a natural covering that matches a person’s unique skin tone and features.

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