Legal Cannabis & Women’s Health

Legal Cannabis & Women’s Health

“A Woman is like marijuana, you can’t live without it.”

Although Legal Cannabis culture has always been associated with the male figure, more and more (thankfully) women are using the plant. Let’s find out the main benefits of cannabis on women.

1. Cannabis for premenstrual syndrome 

All women suffer from it.

Mood swings, cramps, blood loss, nausea, bloating, headaches. More effective than common medicines and with significantly fewer side effects, CBD is ideal for combating menstruation symptoms.

  1. Promotes muscle relaxation of the uterus
  2. It is a natural pain reliever for menstrual cramps 
  3. Reduces nausea due to antiemetic capabilities
  4. With known calming effects, CBD helps women in mitigating anxiety and cycle stress

2. Legal Cannabis oil for younger-looking skin

Hemp oil is a panacea for skin care.

To be applied directly, its high fatty acid content moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. Most useful in cosmetics, it has proven effective for: psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and all localized inflammation or irritation.

Not to be forgotten is the advent of CBD in this area. The use of CBD oil or creams has incredible benefits:

  • Cannabidiol, due to antioxidant properties, improves skin condition
  • Regulates excessive sebum production
  • Some studies promote its anti-inflammatory qualities for the treatment of acne

3. CBD for a less strenuous pregnancy

Unlike THC, the use of CBD in pregnancy shows no particular contraindications, far from it.

Cannabidiol found in legal cannabis is an excellent remedy for soothing the symptoms of gestation: anxiety, nausea, pain, insomnia and more.

In 2004, the European Study of Pharmacology, with several studies, showed how CBD, by stimulating the endocannabinoid CB1, promotes fetal development and infant growth.

The scientific world does not yet have an unambiguous answer. Nevertheless, should you decide to take CBD during pregnancy, you should aim for extremely pure products free of THC.

 For example, some CBD oil.

4. For postpartum depression

In Italy, about 100 thousand women each year suffer from postpartum depression.

A natural consequence of hormonal surges that occur during and immediately after pregnancy.

Many new mothers, who suddenly find themselves struggling with a baby to care for, resort to using CBD for its proven anxiolytic and antidepressant properties.

By preferring CBD-only products, since THC consumption is still not recommended during lactation, we will avoid antidepressant drugs that are particularly harmful to the baby’s health.

5. Legal Cannabis as a natural aphrodisiac

“ People who smoke pot have more sex than others.”

This is what a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017 highlights.

In addition, it appears that legal cannabis has enormous benefits for the sex life of users, such as:

  1. Increased libido, that is, the growth of sexual desire
  2. Stronger orgasms. So many women report how legal cannabis use intensifies orgasms, improving their intensity and duration
  3. Cannabis improves feelings, reducing performance anxiety and eliminating any tensions.
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