How to find the right architect for your next project

How to find the right architect for your next project

How to Select the Right Architect for Your Project - Athletic Business

Finding the right architect for your next project is a vital element to whether or not it will be a success or fall to the ground.

Not all projects require the services of an architect but when the expertise is really needed, it’s important to find the right partnership to get the most out of the specified requirements.

Firms like martyn pattie architects will advocate that doing the groundwork before hiring an architect will make a big difference to the outcome of your project. So how can you find the right architect?

Firm or freelance

Thanks to the ever developing area of technology, you are no longer limited to just choosing an architect who is in the local vicinity. You can now have the option to search around online for a freelancer who is highly developed in their field but not attached to a firm nearby.

Every architect, whether they are standalone or part of a bigger group, has a unique take on a project which is obviously a big deciding factor on whether or not you hire them. Some individuals can also specialise in particular areas of design, something which may really be the selling point.

Using an architect from an established firm also carries many benefits but at the end of the day it’s who meets your specific needs who should get the job.


No one needs any nasty surprises around the corner, so when looking around for an architect it is crucial to keep budget in mind. 

Many architects will be able to draw up some designs and give you an estimate for the current project in hand. Extra costs may crop up from time to time, but having a fixed rate is a much better measure to go against when scouring between different websites trying to find partners in your budget range.

Be warned that large groups of architects from a firm may come with a higher price tag due to the additional workforce.


During the progress of a architectural project, it is key that both parties are able to work in unison throughout. A great way of finding out whether a potential architect can provide this clean cut service is by looking at previous reviews. Customer reviews offer invaluable insight and can give indications on what happens after you sign the dotted line.

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