how to dry shoes

how to dry shoes

In rainy autumn time, your favourite shoes require special care. At any moment, streams of water can pour out from the sky, regardless of the promises of the weather service. Alas, in such a situation, even the most accurate person is not immune to the risk of getting his feet wet.

Apply a protective compound to your shoes in advance. Special water-repellent spray-impregnation for shoes will save your favourite shoes from bad weather. It creates a transparent film, invisible on the surface of the shoe, which prevents moisture from absorbing into the leather shoes. Raindrops will simply drain down without harm.

However, it is necessary to use water-repellent agents correctly, otherwise there will be more harm from them than benefits:

– Apply water repellents only on clean and dry shoes;

– It is better to do this in the evening, so that during the night the product is properly absorbed into the leather surface.

The maximum effect occurs approximately 9 to 10 hours after application, until this moment it is better not to go outside in shoes.

Leather or suede shoes are dried only at room temperature.

To maintain shape, wet shoes in Manhattan are best placed on special struts. If there are no spacers on hand, fill the shoes with napkins or soft absorbent paper. Change paper every few hours. It is better not to use newspapers for this purpose – printing ink can stain shoes. Use newsprint only as a last resort. When the shoe dries, clean it with a suitable cream to soften the leather and maintain its quality.

If your leather shoes are especially wet, wipe them dry with a soft cloth, made from a natural, moisture-absorbing cloth. If you need to wash a dirty sole, try to prevent drops of water from getting on leather. If this could not be avoided, pat the shoes again with a rag.

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