How much does a sourcing agency cost?

How much does a sourcing agency cost?

It is part that most sellers are most interested in: how much will you have to pay for product sourcing services?  That is an excellent question. Typically, sourcing agency are payed in these ways. Let’s have a look at which ones they are and what advantages and disadvantages they have:

  • Commission

The majority of sourcing agents work on a commission basis. Because the order quantity, frequency, and value all affect the percentage, it’s impossible to offer an accurate amount. The commission ratio is usually between 2 and 10%, with the average being about 6%. The commission price will be larger the smaller your order is. The sourcing firm handles all of the legwork for you in identifying a suitable supplier. The commission is agreed upon as soon as you’re ready to place an order. When the products are delivered, you will pay the sum to the sourcing business. The issue is that the sourcing agency is not interested in locating a low-cost supplier. However, until you compare and assess a number of the finest potential moving businesses in the area, you won’t be able to identify a genuinely competent, reputable, and economical moving company in town.

  • The hourly rate 

The sourcing agent is compensated according to his working hours under this scheme. The benefit is that you will only pay the fixed hourly fee, regardless of how much the agreement with the supplier is worth. Your sourcing expert, on the other hand, has every motive to take his time in this situation. They may charge 15 hours for research work that they can do in 8 hours because there’s no way to track how long they truly required. As a result, there are two big disadvantages to this pricing model: you may pay more than the task is worth, and you may receive the results later than expected.

  • A one-time charge

You pay a predetermined fee that is agreed upon at the start of the project using this arrangement. The sourcing firm will begin the investigation right immediately, and you will be provided with a list of possible suppliers as well as an assessment of which one is best for you. There will be no further charges. The negative is that you will be charged regardless of whether you pick one of the vendors the agent found for you. As a result, the sourcing agent may not put out much effort in his study knowing they will be compensated whatever.

  • Payment structure with a mix of options

The mixed payment model is another popular payment option. You will pay a fixed price until you reach a particular amount in the mixed model. A commission fee will be applied if the order value  exceeds that level. 

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