How Does Evoplay Slots And Software Work?

How Does Evoplay Slots And Software Work?

Evoplay is a Ukraine-based online casino game developing company. The company’s primary focus is to make quality slot games run on all modern mobile and computer devices without any problem. Evoplay entertainment games are eCOGRA certified and have shown positive results on the RNG test.

The firm is well-known in the iGaming industry. It has reached substantial markets that will help the company expand its existence.

Evoplay and API

Evoplay offers bespoke design services. If you have an idea for a video title on your own, they try to turn it into a game. Their games are designed in 6 different languages ​​where the currency and cryptocurrency of that country can be used. They also map out games in separate languages ​​according to the operator’s request.

You can have casino sex anytime you want by integrating the evoplay API system. With this software, you can play more than 50 games like Table games, instant games, and video slots. From this platform, you can access more than 50 software programs that have already launched 3000 games. You can integrate them via the API system.

Evoplay deposit and withdrawal system

Evoplay uses a billing platform to avoid any hassle in fund transactions. It allows you to manage finances including your inputs, outputs, and transfers. If you want, you can track any process that will give you detailed statistics and analytics.

The company has adopted an anti-fraud protection system to upgrade the entire system. There are all utmost systems like Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Neteller, and QIWI.

What is RTP?

RTP is denoted for return to the player in every gaming platform. In the case of eveoplay, the RTP is in line with industry standards, ranging from 94% to 98%. The RTP of slot games on other platforms is around 98%. But, the sophisticated features that this platform has been more interesting than any other platform that brings players back here again and again. The volatility of this platform is limited which means the chances of winning here are very high. The amount of the prize is a bit high according to the duration and difficulty of the game.

Top entertaining games on Evoplay

  • Demanding Epic Gladiators in online slots is a game with attractive bonuses.
  • The Great Wall treasure game has tremendous winning opportunities. With 20 pay lines.
  • The Emperor Tomb Player takes the players to another world. A place in China.
  • The clash of pirates is a popular theme game with bonus features.
  • Totem Island is an epic journey of players through the game where you can get a lavish win.


After reviewing everything, it can be said that every online slot player should visit the evoplay platform. It is a worthy platform from all sides where people of all ages can start their gambling journey. The company has gradually expanded so much that the software team has implemented their impressive selections in online casinos. Other casinos also showcase evoplay designed games on their platforms so that they can be more famous in a short time.

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