Those who plant marijuana are well aware of the beneficial properties of hemp and, certainly, have understood its extraordinary potential.

It is no coincidence that by now-after years and years of fighting against the prejudices and prohibitions that those who plant marijuana have always been the protagonists of-as of today Hemp has finally been recognized as having a fundamental role, not only related to fun, relaxation, well-being or simply the possibility of being able to obtain recreational outbursts.

Nowadays those who talk about hemp do so also-and sometimes especially! – to be able to extol its therapeutic potential, now scientifically recognized in an increasingly convinced way, thanks to authoritative studies that in the international arena have contributed to shed light on the beneficial characteristics of the active ingredients in which this plant is rich.

In short, those who plant marijuana today know that they have on their hands something extraordinary, which for millennia has conditioned the cultures and societies of the world, and which is preparing itself to be able to assert all its expressed potential even more forcefully.

Light hemp, an ever-expanding sector

That being said, it could well be said that, beyond the segment that interests us most closely (that of legal marijuana or legal ganja), it is erroneous to speak of hemp as merely an amusement tool. 

On the contrary, hemp is finally re-emerging with full dignity as a plant material of multiple usability, to the point of being recognized as a powerful natural remedy for the health of those who consume it, and that through cannabis it can pursue the goal of counteracting a range of ailments such as pain, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, epilepsy, fibromyalgia up to and including the possibility, provided by hemp, of counteracting painful states caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

From this premise, it is perfectly understandable what contours the valorization of hemp can take in society, which, inexplicably and unjustifiably, in past years has had to undergo a process of demonization, despite its known beneficial properties and the positive effects that its administration can determine on the body.

From threat to valuable resource,” we might say. 

As times change, so does the conception that has developed around cannabis and those who plant marijuana. “But what is so exceptional about hemp?” – you might rightly ask. Or again, “But are we talking about something legal or not?

Of course, the questions do not end there, and precisely because there are so many of them and because there is still some misinformation about hemp, we want to explain, even more specifically, what the real properties of the hemp plant are and why it is so highly regarded even in the therapeutic field.

Therefore, we just have to proceed right away with the analysis and evaluation of the beneficial characteristics of Light Hemp inflorescences.

Marijuana plant: the extraordinary properties of Hemp Light

Certainly many people ignore it, others do not know it, and still others find it hard to believe. However, when we refer to hemp light, we are talking about a resource that is fundamental in its characteristics.

In fact, not only does hemp then produce a final product that can be smoked in order to spend a few moments of relaxation, but it also turns out to be extraordinary for numerous other uses, including culinary ones, where it gives free rein to its antioxidant powers, and helps to fill up on protein and vitamins.

That said, it should also come as no surprise that nowadays keywords such as “textile hemp” or “woven hemp,” in relation to hemp cultivation, are so common. 

Indeed, this plant is also widely used as a textile fiber.

In addition to the above, we emphasize how some parts of the plant can also be used as a substitute for plastics when necessary, winking at respect for nature and environmental protection.

Adding further arrows to one’s bow is the evidence that in recent years hemp has found increasing success in its use as a natural medicine for its exceptional beneficial properties.

Hemp Light and its derivatives : many names, many uses

In general terms, what is commonly referred to by various words such as marijuana plant, cannabis, inflorescence, herb, maria, hemp, is a real boon, and not only in relaxation and wellness, as much as in industrial or culinary fields!

Be careful, however, not to use the above terms incorrectly. In fact, it is one thing to talk about hemp light, which is now fully employed in the industrial sector all over the world, and quite another to talk about “Cannabis Sativa“, which-although particularly versatile-alongside the properly therapeutic aspect, still has clear notional references to the concept of “high.”

Beyond how it is referred to, in any case, hemp is to be considered a loyal ally of humans, their health and the environment. And so, more specifically, we would like to raise awareness of aspects that are perhaps not so well known or emphasized, and that will surely prove interesting to those who plant Hemp, those who consume it simply to benefit from its exceptional properties, and those who, still, consider it an infallible therapy.

Hemp Light : properties and appearance

Let us begin by focusing our attention on hemp light, an ancient plant characterized by its slender stem and considerable height.

This plant appears woody, known for its fibers and strength, and as we have seen it can lend itself to different types and methods of cultivation. It has always been considered an infallible natural remedy and is even substituted for traditional medicines because it is considered to have extraordinary therapeutic properties and is responsible for determining important benefits for the body.

Cannabis sativa : Differences with the hemp plant

As we have mentioned before, even today when people talk about hemp they very often end up talking about its more recreational properties. Well, when discussing cannabis for this purpose, the key word is “THC,” an abbreviation for the much more unpronounceable Delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychotropic substance responsible for the “narcotic” effect.

In such a scenario, it is necessary to distinguish Cannabis Sativa from Hemp Sativa : the former is generally richer in cannabinoids and has a significant THC content, as opposed to the latter in which, on the other hand, there is an insignificant content of the THC molecule, so much so that the sativa variety is excellent for use precisely in the industrial and commercial sector.

Light hemp cultivation in Italy

Although we are in the habit of calling it “marijuana” (or even by its Italian widespread diminutive “Maria“)”, let’s say that it might be wrong to refer to all inflorescence varieties by this term.

In fact, those who plant Cannabis are actually aiming to grow soft drugs, which are still banned in Italy because they would transgress the dictates of Law No. 242 of 2016, according to which the THC concentration must be a maximum of 0.2 percent with a margin of tolerance up to 0.6 percent (not coincidentally, we also speak of hemp without THC). From this, therefore, it seems clear that talking about Maria is not the same thing as talking about hemp.

Hemp Light : extraordinary resource with a thousand uses

As we have repeatedly mentioned in the preceding lines, hemp has a history dating back more than 5,000 years and its potential was already well known by our very ancient ancestors.

A strong point of many societies of the past even as far as the economic sector was concerned, hemp production abruptly declined as a result of the prejudice that was created and spread around the plant (marijuana or other inflorescence that is).

The limelight-after a period of total prohibition that only exacerbated unfounded alarmism-has then been turned on in more recent times, when an attempt was finally made to revive the value of hemp, emphasizing its totally positive meaning and unhinging those mistaken beliefs that contributed to conveying an equally erroneous message.

Hemp light : The current law

In Italy, restoring the concept regarding the real vocation of hemp was also taken care of-as we have already pointed out-by Law No. 242 of 2016, which also established that as long as the THC level is less than 0.2 percent, one can grow the marijuana plant without committing any crime, but in a perfectly legal way.

In the culinary sphere, products have therefore become increasingly popular that have been able to originate precisely from legal cannabis. For example, it will not escape the notice of the most attentive eyes that hemp can also be turned into oil used for cooking, with which numerous skin benefits can be obtained.

Virtuous for the textile industry, partly because it is considered environmentally sustainable, this variety is now used to make hemp clothing fabrics, and the seeds obtained from the marijuana plant are also used to make protein and low-calorie products, while the cellulose obtained is an excellent substitute for plastic. Not only that, hemp is also used in the agricultural sector and, more specifically, it is used for mulch that is used to ensure proper moisture to the soil that houses crops and prevent the emergence of so-called weeds that attack crops with the proliferation of bacteria and pests.

Choosing the Right Light Hemp : the solution is Cbd Therapy

The overview of hemp has served to give a full explanation of its usefulness and versatility. But, to date, those who use the Hemp plant repurpose its best and carefully selected inflorescences are the various online shops that deal with the sale of exclusively Hemp light and, therefore, completely legal cannabis.

In this vast sector, Cbd Therapy is a guarantee of quality and professionalism, since – in addition to offering a very wide range of excellent varieties, all grown in Italy without any use of fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs – it provides super fast shipping directly to the recipient’s home.

Already this possibility is to be considered an exceptional advantage for those who want to order Light Hemp in the form of inflorescences and be guaranteed a totally safe and legal product, as well as excellent quality!

CBD Therapy – also according to users of the site and users of the service – is a particularly reliable and good site both for the wide variety of products to choose from, and for the speed of shipments, delivered to users’ homes in record time , 24/48 h !

Our goal, moreover, is to guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction in complete safety. And it is precisely for this reason that with us you will find only legal, controlled and certified products, completely safe for health and rich only in beneficial effects!

In short, don’t wait any longer and order your favorite inflorescences on CBD Therapy today

You will find that there is nothing more convenient and beneficial than someone who for you selects the best Hemp Light Strain focusing on quality, while not compromising on convenience, just as you would have done. CBD Therapy : more than a choice, it’s a solution!

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