Getting KoR Teeth Whitening Services in Houston

Do you want to whiten your teeth at home? If yes, We would recommend that you go for KoR teeth whitening, a deep bleaching procedure that uses refrigerated gels that sit on teeth for up to 10 hours. It also removes stains in a way that other methods cannot. Visit the page for kor whitening houston services.

What is the procedure?

The KoR whitening method adopts a different strategy by using chilled whitening gels to maintain their effectiveness. You can choose from the KoR Home, Max, Ultra, or Ultra-T kits depending on your whitening objectives. KoR Home and Max, which combine at-home and office treatments for common stains, and KoR Ultra, which includes extra processes, are made for more challenging situations. The KoR Ultra-T method uses severe therapy to remove tenacious tetracycline stains. Without the use of lights or lasers, these methods provide incredibly effective bleaching.

Procedures performed in-office and at home are combined in the KoR teeth whitening process. You wear custom-made whitening trays for two weeks while applying KoR gel. The trays prevent saliva from obstructing the gel’s capacity to effectively remove tough stains.

Is it better than Zoom?

In contrast to methods like Zoom, KoR innovates in whitening. Zoom-like trays are only functional for 25–35 minutes due to saliva contamination, according to Clinical Research Associates (CRA). With KoR-SealTM trays that offer 6–10 hours of whitening, KoR combats the problem. The gel renews teeth without creating sensitivity while cleaning the enamel. KoR effectively modifies smiles by delivering results that are dependable, predictable, and simple to maintain. To arrange a medical consultation for the best whitening procedure, contact a dentist.

What are the advantages of getting it?

The KoR teeth whitening procedure includes in-office sessions as well as at-home use of custom-made bleaching trays, resulting in consistent, effective, and long-lasting effects. For “permanent” whiteness, maintenance with trays and KoR gel is required. Teeth brightness fades over time if proper care is not taken. Accelerated maintenance may be recommended. Adherence to instructions is essential for good at-home or KoR Whitening results.

Final thoughts:

Long-term ingestion of staining foods and chemicals, such as tobacco, results in deep teeth stains. These chemicals are effectively broken down by peroxide components included in whitening gels. KoR teeth whitening, unlike other solutions, removes persistent stains for dramatically whiter teeth. To learn more about why you would be an ideal candidate for getting KoR teeth whitening services in Houston, get in touch with a dentist. 

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