For A Healthy Diet, You Must Have Some Variety

For A Healthy Diet, You Must Have Some Variety

Potatoes are stars in the vegetable world; this is because they are highly nutritional and can be prepared in so many ways. There are also different potato varieties available to explore, but too often, many people stick to a particular kind of potato and ignore other varieties. Variety is important for a healthy diet, and most of these varieties can be prepared in different ways and sometimes together for a healthy diet.

With different potato recipes available today, you can be quite creative when choosing amongst the potato varieties in the market for your dish. Below are the varieties of potatoes available and everything you need to know about them.

Red Potatoes

These potatoes stand out amongst other potato varieties for their rosy skin and white flesh. Red potatoes are much easier to grow amongst different potato types and fall into the ‘new potatoes’ category becausse they are harvested before they’re fully matured. Reds are firm and smooth and also offer a moist texture that makes them perfect for salads. Reds can also effectively hold their shape, which makes them also ideal for boiling and steaming.

White Potatoes

Another unique one amongst potato varieties is the whites; they are round and long and offer a creamy texture. Their skin is smoother and lighter-colored than russet tomatoes and falls into the all-purpose potatoes category because they can be used in all potato preparation. They provide a creamy texture, which makes them ideal for baking but is also firm enough to hold their texture when boiled. They are ideal when you’re confused about which recipe to go with.


There are thin potatoes that are thin and elongated like a finger; they come with tender skin and are amazing when roasted. They can also be boiled whole without peeling off the skin and can be used for potato salads as well. Fingerlings come with a mild, nutty flavor, and while they have a firm texture, they’re great for everything but soups.

Blue/Purple Potatoes

These potato varieties are new in the United States and offer a mild, nutty flavor as well. They come with blue, lavender, or white skin, and the best method of preparation is by microwaving; this will preserve the skin color. They are also great for making and frying but might lose their color when boiled.

Yellow Potatoes

Yellow potatoes are quite popular in Europe and are beginning to gain popularity in the United States as well. They come with a creamy and firm texture that ensures you don’t have to use much butter or any butter at all during preparation. They also offer a golden color and can be used for baking, frying, steaming, and boiling.

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