Foot care – Things to keep in mind

People who are suffering from chronic diseases like CKD, diabetes, heart issues, etc., are most likely to get their feet affected. Diabetic patients especially need to take care of their food as a minor cut can lead to gangrene and foot amputation. If you are having any issues regarding your feet, consulting a garland podiatrist will help you to take care of that issue. 

Wear shoes that fit your feet

Wearing tight shoes for a long time, or heels might cause various kinds of foot problems. The most common feet problem that you get are bunions and hammertoes. 

When you are out buying a pair of shoes, buy something that is a bit loose from your feet. When you’ll be wearing the shoes with socks a perfectly fitted shoe might get tighter. 

Wear shoes that cushion your ankles

Whether you are going trekking, hiking, or a 15-minute walk in the park, it is very necessary to wear shoes that are comfortable. Opt for training shoes that have cushions inside. Walking with shoes that do not provide cushioning might cause ankle sprains.

Take care of your weight

Overweight or obese people can experience pain in the feet. This pain can become severe leading to various foot problems. Working on your weight by adopting a few exercises and walking routines will help you in shedding off weight. 

Furthermore, yoga is a great way to keep any kind of pain and muscle stiffness away. Still, if you are not able to resolve a foot issue, podiatrists will help you to live a healthy life. 

Clean your feet regularly

If you have a schedule where you have to step outdoors regularly, it is suggested to wash your feet with warm water as soon as you return indoors. Going for a pedicure session twice a month can be very beneficial for your feet. If you do not want to spend any extra bucks on a pedicure,  you can do it yourself. Soak your feet for around half an hour in a bucket full of warm water and shampoo. Scrub your feet with a foot brush. After you are done washing your feet with cold water, let it dry and cut your nails. These are extremely important steps in foot care. After you are done with this, apply moisturiser generously.

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