Facts AboutBröstoperation (Breast surgery)

Facts AboutBröstoperation (Breast surgery)

Are you interested in enhancing your asymmetrical and small breasts with breast surgery? If that’s the case, you likely want to learn more about surgery options you can try on as possible. There is much information spreading around the corner about these medical advances today since it earns popularity among women who are experiencing breast conditions such as breast losing or sagging. Below are the facts about Bröstoperation (Breast surgery) that you must know about:

  1. Breast Surgery Is Possible Even for Breastfeeding Mothers

This is a surprising fact about this breast surgery, women are still able to breastfeed their children even after their surgery because the surgery doesn’t affect any tissues in the breast that malfunction the production of milk. So, the breastfeeding mothers are good to go with the procedure.

  1. Most Breast Surgery Procedure Is Performed to Women Ages 30 and up

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics, women from their 30s and up has the highest number of breast surgery procedures. Next to them after the women ages from the 40s to 45 years old. This fact is a bit surprising as we assumed that younger women are more motivated to do such procedures for any personal reasons but it’s not the case here. 

  1. Breast Surgeries are Becoming More Popular Today

For over 15 years, the popularity of breast surgeries has risen, tripled its number. The United States of America is the highest number of surgeries performed all around the world. It is followed by Mexico and Brazil. As it gains so much popularity, this means that women are into this solution in enhancing their breast conditions.

  1. Breast Surgeries Make an Average Size of Your Breast

Some women chose to have breast surgery for the reason that they are unhappy with the breast size they are having. This procedure can make the breast get to two cup sizes depending on the patients’ desire.

  1. The World’s Leading Breast Size

The most famous person for the biggest breast size is the Sheyla Hershey of Houston, Texas. She is holding the Guinness World Record for the biggest cup size which is MMM. She also has an inspiring breast implant story in deciding to have such breast surgery when she got into a car accident and the airbags didn’t inflate at all.

  1. The Multiple Breast Surgery

The world record for the most breast enhancement procedures is named Lolo Ferrari who is a French actress and a dancer. She underwent more than twice of breast enlargement procedures.

  1. Breast Cancer Detection

Breast surgery is making the process of detecting cancer cells in the breast difficult to detect because the procedure of enhancement hides some of the natural breast tissues in the breast making it invisible to see. If you have undergone surgery and planning to visit a radiologist, then you can immediately tell them about your condition for their awareness.

Indeed, there are a lot of interesting facts about breast surgery that is why many women are making way to it. How about you? Are you one of them? Well, there is nothing wrong with it, explore all the possibilities and be confident.

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