Facing a Criminal Charge? Here’s How You Can Get a Fair Trial!

Facing a Criminal Charge? Here’s How You Can Get a Fair Trial!

Criminal charges bring a lot of stress. Whilst the court of law offers every convict a chance at a fair trial, whether or not the convict gets justice depends upon the defense lawyer. Hence, the first thing to do if ever framed in a criminal case is to hire a reputable jersey city criminal defense attorney with decades of experience to tackle your case. 

Bear in mind, a crime that appears simple and points a finger at the accused can be presented in a bundle of ways that can make the court look at the case from a fresh perspective. One example of class defense is the controversial Jersey case that was framed against 4 AIDS activists. 

The defending criminal attorney was a highly experienced criminal lawyer, Brian J. Neary with almost 4 decades of experience. The arguments he made in the court in the favor of his clients were as follows. 

  1. His clients never had criminal intentions behind the distribution of narcotics. They were wrongly booked since what was being labeled as drugs were medicine for the AIDS victims. 
  2. His clients did more good than damage since the needles that were used were clean. 

The case that was initially poised against the accused activists was later on seen in a new light and all 4 were found innocent and were relieved of all criminal charges immediately. 

It was one of the most sensational cases in narcotics law and the only reason that justice was delivered was that an experienced attorney with a passion to serve justice was fighting the case. Hence, needless to say, you can’t replace experience with anything else when it comes to criminal cases. 

The many ways in which a few distinguished lawyers offer their clients much-deserved justice are as follows. 

  1. They study each case very deeply. It helps them collect important evidence that might be crucial for the case and could have otherwise been overlooked. 
  2. They believe that justice is necessary but it takes time and proper effort. Hence, they never rush through a case or take it lightly since they know that things can suddenly go wrong in the court. Thus, they create very strong arguments in the defense of their clients. 
  3. When it comes to federal cases, they focus on the intent of their client. It helps with the case and can end up proving the client innocent or reducing the sentence substantially. 

All in all, justice can be served only after proper research and analysis and only a handful of lawyers are willing to take such pains. Hence, choose a criminal defense attorney very carefully since your fate will depend on the capability of the lawyer. 

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