Consequences Of Driving A Car Without Insurance

Consequences Of Driving A Car Without Insurance

Federal law states that all drivers must have car insurance to protect the interests of pedestrians and other drivers on the road. Contact Anthony Carbone for accurate answers to your questions about personal injury.

Even though getting car insurance is costly, the penalties for not having it are even worse. If the person driving the car manages to get into an accident, he will face several severe repercussions, including legal penalties along with the damage caused to the other driver. The driver’s medical costs, as well as property damage, are also a part of the expenses incurred in the accident. 

Possession of Insurance v/s Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance

There are different legal repercussions for not having insurance at the current moment and not being insured. The penalties for failing to provide insurance proof are less than the lack of insurance. A time limit is given by the officer checking your insurance. Within this time frame, you are required to show proof of insurance and avoid further complications. This time limit is generally 24 hours or maybe a few days, depending on the case and officer in charge. 

Legal repercussions of driving without insurance 

If you are caught driving without insurance, the following legal actions will be taken against you:

  • You will be charged a ticket and a fine for failure to provide the required proof of insurance.
  • Your license may be suspended.
  • A license reinstatement fee will be charged to restore your license.
  • Your vehicle may be confiscated. 
  • The DMV may require an SR-22 vehicle liability document.
  • There may be an increase in your car insurance rate.
  • You may face possible jail time.

Penalties can differ a lot between states, depending on the number of laws you have violated and the extent of damage caused. And the state you’re driving in. 

What will happen if the blame for the accident is assigned to you?  

If you are proven to be at fault for an accident while uninsured, you will be labeled a high-risk driver by the insurance company, even if it is your first accident. The other party’s insurance company will sue you for causing physical injury and damage to property. The lawsuit against you would compensate for the losses incurred by the other party to provide justice to the victim. This will remain on your driving record for the next few years, making it hard to obtain insurance.

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