Child Started Driving? It is Time to Educate Them!

Child Started Driving? It is Time to Educate Them!

As a parent, it is a proud feeling when your child gets their driving license, and it is primarily a big deal when that child is a teenager. The first thing that will come to your mind as a parent is your child’s safety, which you can take care of by putting down some ground rules. These rules should be made by sitting down with your child and considering them and their views. Something that might help reinforce the rules would be letting your children know about the consequences of their actions. 

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Teach these rules for safety to your child. 

  • Drinking and driving should be a strict no. 

As a parent, you must be strict with your children and put your foot down when driving while intoxicated because it is one of the leading causes of accidents. Making them understand that calling a ride home when under the influence is crucial, and they should always do it no matter where they are. 

  • Distractions, traffic rules, and seatbelts. 

Putting on a seatbelt is to be a compulsion for the driver as well as the passenger. You should make your child understand the risks taken due to their negligence in following basic traffic rules. Speeding should never be acceptable and should be a punishable offense not just socially but at your home too. Ask your child never to use their smartphones while driving as it can distract them and lead to an accident, make sure to teach them to stop their vehicle before answering a call or doing anything that might require their attention. 

  • Setting a curfew and limiting the number of passengers.

Most states do not have a curfew for provisional licenses until midnight, but make sure to have a personal curfew for your child until they are experienced enough to stay out late and drive in the dark since most accidents happen at nighttime. Along with an in time, you should consider limiting the number of passengers in your child’s vehicle, since the more passengers, the more the chances of an accident. The states mainly restrict the number of passengers you can have with a provisional license, but if yours doesn’t, make sure you set a limit yourself. 

  • Miscellaneous.

Make sure to educate your child about vehicle maintenance and the things to check before taking the vehicle out for a drive. Have a small checklist that they should follow, like checking the fuel level and the other fluids, keeping their windows clean from the outside and inside, checking the tire pressure, etc. These things will help avoid an accident or an unforeseen problem. Asking your child to avoid driving in bad weather conditions is also very important. 

New drivers shouldn’t be driving in bad conditions until they are experienced and equipped to escape sticky situations. The last tip would be to ask your child to carry all the necessary documents and papers to be permitted to drive. These rules will give your child a pleasant driving experience and help them ease into full-fledged ed driving. 

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