Are You Willing to Bet on Sweet Bonanza?

Are You Willing to Bet on Sweet Bonanza?

Ordinary people are easily attracted to the words ‘free’ and ‘earn’ especially in social media. This is the most common use term in advertising products, services, and even games. Consumers tend to avail themselves free in almost every aspect. So, advertisers use this situation to gain more customers.

Online casino or slot gaming websites also use the same method. This style of advertising is quite effective in catching the attention of gamblers, especially beginners. Because they are believers in luck that tend to be hooked or addicted to a game, they are always convinced with this tactic. Do you think it’s appropriate? Maybe in some aspects this is useful particularly in business owners or entrepreneurs.

Things you should know

Are you convinced? The truth is that there are some free services offered online like free webinars, free books, free subscriptions, and even free movies. But behind the scene comes the unknown negotiations. Like in free webinars, they offer knowledge but limited to, and then at the end comes the true business – enroll now.

Same with online casino games, in particular slot machines games. In online casinos free slots or slot machine games are common. This is often created for beginners and experts to have a simulation for an actual slot machine game. Hands-on learning will fit for beginners if they want a clear understanding of a particular game. While experts use these free online slots to enhance their strategies. The terminologies of actual and online slot games are almost the same so it does not need not much time to become familiar with a game. Take a look of this:

  • Payout -prize awarded to a player
  • Payline – lines with an equivalent prize
  • Symbol – pictures on winning disks that form the winning combinations
  • Reels – refers to the disks that spin when the machine is set to play and determines the players fate.
  • Progressive jackpot – refers to a continuously increasing money of the person that hit s the right combination symbol each round of a game.

Rule of betting

Almost all actual casino games can now be played online. They are almost identical in process and features but somehow differ in betting. Each online game or slot game has its own currency like sweet bonanza that uses bitcoin. The minimum bet in this game is $0.20  and the maximum bet is $100 without taking the boost option. It can be adjusted higher than 100x if you buy a feature.

In terms of rewards, the higher you bet the bigger rewards. In sweet bonanza the RTP is 96.49% which is better than average. This is 21,175 x your total stake from a single stake, thus making a record of ten times higher than the average multiplication of other slot machines. This is what makes gamblers vote this game.

Pros and Cons of slot games

The pros are that slot games are easy to learn, a variety of betting options, progressive jackpots available, and it is similar to land based slot machines. While the cons are that it can’t offer consistent wins, quick to play, and can be addictive.

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