A look into the short guide of registering in an online police check

A look into the short guide of registering in an online police check

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Online police check has become in trend these days because people have understood its benefits and they have started taking them. Earlier, people have to suffer a little for getting help and the solutions for their issues. But now, they are carefree, and they know that they will get help from the police easily and quickly. People have to register themselves to get these benefits from the police. The process of registration is a bit long, and you have to be careful during the whole process. You can do it through online as well as offline methods. The choice is yours that which one will you choose for registering yourself in victoria police check https://crimecheckaustralia.com.au

The process of registration includes so many things. When you visit the official website of the Australian federal police, you will be given an option of the type of criminal check you want. You have to select one from them. Then you will see three applications there, and you have to fill all of them with accurate details of yours. Along with those applications, you have to pay some amount to the police department, and you can use any medium for paying that. Let’s discuss some important information which you need to know for the process of registration. 

Fee structure of registration

  • There are three types of applications on the website, and every application asks for your details. Fi9rst application includes your basic information, including your full name. You have to write all of your names with which you are called by the people you know. You have to pay $42 along with the first application.
  • The second application asks you about further details of yours, and you have to fill that carefully. The details you will fill in should match the details of your certified documents which you have to attach along with these applications. You also have to submit a biometric along with the second application. You have to pay $99 along with this application at the time of submission. 
  • The third application is similar to the second one as in this; also, you have to give your biometric. The application will ask for additional details of yours, and you have to carefully fill it. The application fee is $139. 

Types of Registration methods

  • There are two methods using which you can register yourself with an online police check. The first method is the online method. You have to register yourself on the online method, and the whole procedure is done by you. You have to download the applications from the website. The applications should be appropriately filled and submitted on time, along with the certified documents of yours.
  • The second method is the offline method; you have to register yourself along with the help of an expert or the police department. For collecting the applications, you have to visit the police station, and you will be adequately guided there for filling those applications. After completing it, you have to submit it there only, along with the certified documents and application money.


This was a short brief on the process of registration in the online police check. The fee structure and the methods of registering yourself have been discussed above; check them out.

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