7 Tips On How To Celebrate The Holidays During The Pandemic

There’s more to celebrating occasions like holidays than just sharing a meal with loved ones and finding delight in each other’s company. Researchers have long stated that such jovial activities can help ease anxiety and even improve one’s physical health. But with the ongoing pandemic affecting millions of lives across the globe, there’s a big question on how to capture the same atmosphere amidst the stay-at-home and social-distancing orders.

Apart from holding get-togethers digitally, people are now finding more ways on how to uphold the spirit of the holiday season — like gifting a safe-from-coronavirus Christmas ornament. In this article, we’re giving out seven tips on how to safely and creatively celebrate the holidays during the pandemic.

Acknowledge that things will be different. As in any other kind of change, acknowledgment is the first step. Some things aren’t just under our control and we have to make do with what the current situation offers. Despite the “new normal,” we should still have grateful hearts — because this is what’s at the core of every holiday celebration.

Spruce up with holiday decorations. Despite the ongoing pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Christmas ornament and other holiday-themed decorations can still be used to usher in a festive mood into your home. Recycle all decors or order from your trusted online shop. Settle on a theme and make sure every part of your home is cohesively decorated.

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Send out an invite. As mentioned, many get-togethers and important celebrations are now done via web-based platforms — especially for family members who are far from each other during these tough times. As they may also have other digital holiday celebrations to attend to, it’s best to send out an early invite stating when and which app you will use to commemorate this occasion.

Recreate your favorite holiday dishes. Many people who were forced to stay at home have now turned themselves into a home cook. For the upcoming holidays, challenge yourself and research the recipes of your favorite holiday meals. To host a more “connected” digital celebration, you can also prepare the same set of dishes.

Dress up. On the day of your holiday celebration, don’t forget to dress up even though you’re only at home. It will make you feel that that day is different and extra special compared to other normal days. You and your loved ones who are afar can even agree on a theme and dress up accordingly.

Have your gifts delivered. Even if you’re advised to stay at home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t send out your love to your family members, friends, and colleagues. Order your presents online (e.g. Coronavirus Christmas ornament) and have them shipped to the respective addresses of the recipients.

Snap photos. Even in a pandemic-free world, taking photos is a great way to make things more gleeful and memorable. Make the most of your mobile phones (or professional cameras if you have one at home) and snap as many photos as you can. You can also share it online with your relatives and friends together with your holiday greetings.

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